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10 Best Geralt Quotes From The Witcher 3 That Sum Up His Personality


Author Andrzej Sapkowski’s franchise has never been more popular with mainstream audiences, with the Netflix series set for a third season and CD Projekt Red gearing up to remaster the highly acclaimed The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt. The titular monster hunter has many great moments throughout his quest in the dark fantasy world of The Continent, several of which provide iconic quotes from him.

Many of Geralt’s quotes have something deeper and more interesting to say about him, whether he realizes it or not. From its signature line on the ill-fitting of the books to the game’s original intimate quotes, they most often shed light on its characteristics.


11 “This world doesn’t need a hero, it needs a professional.”

Geralt de Riv’s quote about what he believes to be the cure for this troubled world was part of CD Projekt Red‘s marketing materials. It has just the right balance of sharp, eye-catching, and character fidelity. The concept of “hero” is loaded with preconceived ideas, nostalgic and rosy.

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But for someone like Geralt, this hero idea is a fantasy and a professional is what it takes to get results. Geralt is something of a hero character when it comes to fictional media (even if he doesn’t think highly of himself), but he doesn’t subscribe to this romanticized idea of ​​it.

ten “Why do men waste their lives attacking an armed witcher…I’ll never know; something about my face?”

Despite the dark world of The Continent that Geralt is subjected to as a monster hunter, the Witcher still manages to retain a dark, witty sense of humor. And, in the case of The Witcher 3 specifically, this little quote also has a bit of revolutionary meta-humor.

The blood and wine The expansion is one of the best DLC stories of the last decade in gaming, but this line stems from a minor run-in with some bandits. Along with the meta-joke of the obviously stronger player being mugged by much weaker enemies, it’s also a good example of the dark sense of humor Geralt had to maintain to stay calm on those long journeys, bloody and often lonely. .

9 “You don’t need mutations to strip humans of their humanity; I’ve seen plenty of examples of that.”

One of The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt‘s many plaudits is to have one of the best storytelling in video games. And throughout Geralt’s journeys in some of the game’s most compelling questlines, the witcher encounters one of King Radovid V’s cruel witch hunters named Graden.

Graden, however, unironically believes his work is essential to keeping the peace of the people. He remarks to Geralt that he had thought his mutations stripped him of everything that makes them human, with the witcher responding with this dark but poignant quote. In people like Radovid’s sadistic pursuit of persecution, this quote shows how Geralt’s experience showed him all the ugly sides of people who willingly give up their humanity.

8 “Who taught you to fight like that?” “The witcher you killed.”

At least in the modern age of gaming, Vesemir’s death at the hands of the titular Wild Hunt’s Imlerith is one of the most emotionally impactful in the medium. Doubtful for long-time fans of Andrzej Sapkowski’s books, and Geralt is making sure this crime doesn’t go unpunished.

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The Battle of Kaer Morhen left Geralt and company little time. to mourn, with the witcher tracking down the remains of the wild hunt. Imlerith, of course, couldn’t help but brag about the consequences of the fight, but as tough as he was, he wouldn’t survive Geralt’s brand of justice. His words to Imlerith before killing him were simple, but the context and weight behind their delivery was all that was needed to show Geralt’s anger and love for his surrogate father.

seven “Evil is evil.”

Geralt’s quote about his take on the concept of evil is arguably the most iconic of them all. Witcher-related media. It’s a bit technical, because this line of dialogue was originally authored by Andrzej Sapkowski the last wishbut it was voiced by The Witcher 3‘s Doug Cockle for promotional material for the game.

It’s a bit misleading as the larger quote is emblematic of how far Geralt has come as a character, rather than still believing in the tenet of that ancient cynical bloodline. He believed that any evil is as bad as another, but after his arduous journeys he learned that morality is much more nuanced than that and he cannot spend his whole life refusing to take a stand on serious questions.

6 “You better pay, or the invisible hand of the market will hit you so hard you won’t sit down for a week.”

It’s another bit of dark humor from Geralt, though it also shows how tough he had to be with the people he had to deal with. Humans sometimes looking more like monsters is a recurring theme in the franchise, and part of their conniving nature is how they constantly bite the feeding hand.

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People need Witchers, but they despise them and simultaneously look for ways to scam them for their work. From poor villagers to arrogant wealthy aristocrats, Geralt isn’t afraid to get aggressive once he feels he’s being had.

5 “Don’t blame yourself; no witcher has ever died in bed.”

Vesemir is undoubtedly one of the The Witcher 3popular supporting characters. In a world where even wizarding origins are purposely ruthless, Vesemir served as a surrogate father for the boys he raised.

Ciri feels guilty for Vesemir’s death, as she felt leading the Wild Hunt in Kaer Morhen had put her fate on her shoulders. Geralt tries to console her, admittedly ineffectively, but that quote worked as a melancholy reminder of the reality that wizards face. Geralt can at least understand his pain, while showing off that unmistakably battle-scarred interior.

4 “Witch hunts will never be about witches; a scapegoat is the key.”

One of the many reasons why The Witcher 3 is revered as one of the greatest fantasy RPGs for the gripping attention to detail in the writing department. Strong storytelling is essential to the genre, and The Witcher 3 was, in part, known for his poignant fantasy-themed social commentary.

Fear and persecution of “the other” is one of the most notable themes, and Geralt gives this dark quote highlighting the reality of how evil thrives on this mentality. He says this as he enters Novigrad, which is ruled by a fanatical religious cult, as he passes burning corpses on display at the entrance to the city.

3 “I traveled half the world to find you, but I never intended to impose anything on you.”

The game’s rewarding role-playing elements were also highlights, and The Witcher 3 has three possible endings. With Ciri becoming a witcher considered the “best” ending and her death the worst, the Empress’ ending is something in between.

Ciri chooses to become Empress of Nilfgaard, seeking to usher in an era of peace. It’s a bittersweet ending, with Geralt responding to her with this quote after she wonders if he’ll try to stop her. Geralt shows his maturity and developing fatherly instincts, and even though Emhyr is Ciri’s biological parent, he would still be her real father.

2 “I run into dilemmas all the time… This is not one; you disgust me and you deserve to die.”

blood and wine was a gripping way to end Geralt’s story in a satisfying way, but it wasn’t without encountering some truly sinister characters. The witcher is summoned to the land of Toussaint to investigate a mysterious series of brutal murders while introducing vampires into prominent roles.

Many of the main vampiric characters are aristocrats, including Orianna. After finding out she was hoarding orphans for food, Geralt delivers this blunt line. He has certainly shown bitterness towards people he considers vile, but generally understands the moral ambiguity of the world around him. However, it was a clear line crossed and the assurance in the delivery of this quote shows that even Geralt has limits.

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