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2021 Suzuki Jimny Lite Australian details revealed



There aren’t many hotter cars at the moment than the Suzuki Jimny.

Buyers who want one of the pint-sized off-roaders face wait times of up to a year, while profiteers try to offload used versions with thousands of dollars. odometer reading for up to $ 50,000. The Jimny’s recommended retail price starts from $ 28,490.

Some customers who ordered new vehicles were also stung by a price increase of $ 1,500 while waiting for their car to be delivered.

To meet demand, Suzuki has announced that a new stripper model, the Jimny Lite, will arrive in August.

Cheaper than the standard Jimny – but more expensive than the original launched in 2019, the Lite does without the luxury that is standard on most cars at this price point.

It rides on 15-inch steel wheels, has hard plastic side mirror caps, halogen headlights and fog lights.

Suzuki also did away with the touchscreen infotainment system, which could mirror smartphones, in favor of an old-fashioned radio and CD player in the dashboard and manual climate controls, giving the l interior has a very 90s vibe. There is Bluetooth for music streaming and phone calls, but satellite navigation has been discontinued.

Prices start at $ 26,990 (before highway charges).

The standard – and now more expensive – Jimny launched in 2019 at just $ 23,990 (more on the highway) when fitted with a manual transmission, but has since grown significantly to $ 28,490 more on the highway.

Strong demand, however, resulted in lower prices. Private owners sell modified used versions online for $ 50,000, while a 2020 plate dealer demo with 2,345 km on the clock costs $ 46,990.

The current cheapest Jimny model available on Carsales is a 2019 model with 12,000 km on the clock for $ 32,000.

Customers who want to research the price of a Jimny will have a hard time doing so, unless they visit a dealership, as it’s the only vehicle you can’t build and rate on the company’s website. business.

Michael Pachota, Director of Suzuki Australia, says the company is delighted to increase its Jimnys offering and will manage the waitlist fairly.

“We give people what they want – more Jimny! With a steadily increasing demand for this model, we are delighted to be able to add another variant to the lineup and to continue to grow our Jimny community with this additional supply opportunity, ”said Mr. Pachota.

“We will also maintain the fair allocation process based on customer orders with a queue system as we did with the current Jimny in 2021, ensuring that the next order in the queue is waiting causes the next car to hit Australian soil, every time, ”Pachota said. .

Australians flocked to the Jimny for its rugged off-road capability. In an off-road comparison test with the legendary four-wheel drive – the Toyota LandCruiser 70-Series and the Jeep Wrangler – he matched them step by step. The Jimny was also an instant hit for its previously low entry price.

However, the car performed poorly in crash tests, scoring only three stars in a 2018 Euro NCAP crash test. It was penalized for protecting the driver’s body. The Jimny also lacks none of the driving aids expected of a car at its price point.



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