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$ 500 Off Q Acoustics Q Active 200 Streaming System in Black Friday Sales



If you’ve turned on your device, laptop, or TV at any time over the past week, you’ll know the Black Friday 2021 deals are indeed upon us – but this one is definitely worth your time because it means a massive 25% saving on the Q Acoustics Q Active 200 all-in-one streaming system.

This is a proposal that is barely a year old and is currently being offered to both Amazon (white finish only) and Crutchfield (both colourways; white and black) for just $ 1,499 – a massive $ 500 off MSRP!

The Q Active 200 floor standing speakers feature dual 2.25 inch BMR drive units and a long throw 4.5 inch subwoofer with waveguide. There are six amplifiers stored inside the case to power the Q Active 200, resulting in a total output of 280W.

Q Acoustics made the decision not to host the streaming architecture and connectivity inside the speakers, but rather in a separate connectivity hub – and it’s a stylish solution. The Google Home Box option (which is the system we reviewed) offers Google Assistant voice control, as well as built-in Google Chromecast, and it’s the one you get in this Black Friday deal (rather than the alternate Alexa variant). .

For the physical inputs, you have an HDMI (ARC), optical and analog input switchable between line level and the moving magnet. Essentially, this means that everything from a CD player to a TV to a turntable can be plugged into the hub and played through the speakers. Digital signals from the HDMI and optical inputs are all converted to 24-bit / 96kHz, as are analog signals through the 24-bit analog-to-digital converter (ADC).

Rather than the hub broadcasting these converted signals to a main speaker which transmits the other audio channel to the slave speaker, it sends both audio channels directly to the speakers via a 5 GHz wireless connection, this which ensures precise synchronization between them.

The hub is also a streaming gateway to AirPlay 2 for iOS users, Spotify Connect for Spotify Premium and Family subscribers, and Bluetooth (4.1).

If you have a NAS drive with music, UPnP support is built in for playing network music files up to 32-bit / 192kHz (although it is then downsampled to 24-bit / 96kHz for transmission to the loudspeakers).

In our 2021 review of the Q Acoustics Q Active 200, we noted the compact form and beautiful finish of the speakers, the extensive connectivity on offer, and the richness of speaker engineering for the price. Additionally, there are dedicated stands (although you have to purchase them separately) if you wish. There have been a few sound issues, but at this new low price, the Q Acoustics Q Active 200 is a solution well worth another look …


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