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a guide to this “historical” musical genre


It’s no secret that the culture of our generation is above all a musical culture. Music media (turntable, radio, tape recorder, CD player, computer) have become universally available, and all innovations in the musical world are spreading across countries and continents with tremendous speed. Parallel to the music spreads the ideology of this music, its attributes, a certain art of living.

One of the first questions young people ask themselves when they meet is:What kind of music do you listen to?“. Indeed, the most typical division for our generation is the division according to musical predilections. Our motto is “Tell me what you listen to and I’ll tell you who you are!“. The group that defined techno music as a trend came from Detroit and gave the name to the special genre of techno music called Detroit techno.

Detroit techno music.

Detroit techno is a kind of techno music that appeared in the mid-80s. The first musicians of this style were Derrick May, Juan Atkins, Jeff Mills, Kevin Saunderson and Blake Baxter. In 1981, while attending college, Atkins met Rick Davis. The two students started a musical project called Cybotron. This group introduced futurism to the musical world.

The birth of techno music coincided with the deep decline of the automobile industry in America as a symbolic sign of post-industrial renaissance. Detroit’s techno musical style has been characterized alternately as a dark, isolated set of mechanical vibrations and as creating a soft, vibrant, emotional feel. This music was played in Chicago and Detroit clubs in the late 70s, and although it has changed significantly since then, the famous Detroit sound is unmistakable.

The second and third waves of the Detroit techno style were by no means the last, although musicians tried to find a combination of unprecedented digital perfection and the compositional minimalism of the original Detroit sound. Today, the third wave of this style has again begun to repeat the aesthetic values ​​of this style belonging to the first period.

Detroit techno music

Popular trends in techno music.

Modern techno music has many genres. Some of them are more soulful and lyrical, and others have strong rhythms. It makes techno music universal: there is techno music that is more suitable for dancing, listening to, and there are also techno music compositions that you can listen to when doing other things , for example playing in the best online casino or do physical exercises at home.

deep house

Much like classic Detroit, Deep is an original blend of house music with gospel vocals. As its fans claim, Deep House is the opposite of all other techno music genres.

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Techno trance music.

This music is a music of mental travel. The rhythms used in trance are much simpler than in breakbeat or jungle, and “sheets” of monotonous, transparent synthesized string sounds complete the sense of transition to other spaces. Trance music has a wide variety of genres like Acid Trance, Goa Trance, Hard Trance, etc. If you listen to this music in the car, you will feel that the speed is much lower than it should be, so too carried away.

Hardcore techno music.

Hardcore is very simple. We take an ordinary techno beat, make it twice as fast, layer all the choppy sounds, screams and female vocals, 2-3 times faster. If it looks like a jackhammer, that’s fine. Another shot is ready.

Acid house.

Acid in translation from English means acid, and acid, as is known, is a caustic thing – where it will leave a rust, or a hole, or even dissolve everything without residue. That’s pretty much how Acid House music works, thanks to its characteristic “sour” sounds. It is almost impossible to describe them in words, it is better to listen to any composition with the marking “Acid Mix” once and everything will become clear at once. By the way, it was the musicians of Acid House who started using sounds borrowed from other compositions extensively in their tracks, starting the whole wave of processing everything in Acid sound.

These are just some of the trends in techno music. It is the variety of techno beats that makes techno music a unique and interesting musical genre with an unusual sound.