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Adidas latest Trae Young promo looks like old Kobe Bryant ad



Rustling. Rustling. Rustling. Trae Young is alone in an empty, dark gym, building up shot after shot. So begins the latest adidas Basketball promo video before a menacing Jaws-like pace fills the viewer with adrenaline – anxiety if you are an opponent of the phenomenal point guard.

All of Atlanta except that, everyone in basketball is seething with excitement about Young’s first signature shoe, the adidas Trae Young 1. The first two launch colourways sold out instantly on October 1. Now Hawks fans want more as the three stripe draws them in with colourways that epitomize Atlanta culture.

But in someone who’s spent a lot of time studying basketball shoes, this 15-second video immediately reminded me of another former adidas athlete – Kobe Bryant. In 1998, the aspiring superstar was in a similar position to Young. Flashy, loved, hated, impossible to ignore.

As part of the marketing campaign for the adidas KB8, the European company spared no expense. One of the coolest parts of their multi-faceted strategy was a box set that included a shirt, pictures, and a CD-ROM.

Lucky fans inserted the disc into their computers and were able to enjoy several thumbnails that have been largely forgotten over time. I can’t say if adidas intended to recreate the scene, but there are some striking similarities between Young’s recent promo and portions of Bryant’s video. Watch the video below and you will be the judge.

Kobe Bryant’s influence is undeniable. His relationship with Trae Young was indisputable. It’s amazing to see the Black Mamba glow in the new generation of superstars. Stay locked up on AllHawks.com as we update you on Trae Young and the Atlanta Hawks.

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