Home Cd converter Authorities are looking for this Toyota, linked to the converter theft

Authorities are looking for this Toyota, linked to the converter theft


Converter Thieves (BCSO)

Converter Thieves (BCSO)

Benton County deputies are looking for this Toyota.

Vehicle wanted in connection with suspected theft of catalytic converter


Investigators did not say how many, or when and where the robberies took place, but shared these images.

The Toyota appears to be light blue or silver, BCSO says it has black wheels and a temporary paper plate tag.

They used the plural word “thieves”, so apparently no more suspects. Anyone with information is encouraged to call (509)-628-0333. All leads can be confidential.

Did the legislature pass new converter crime laws?

The state legislature overwhelmingly passed, without a single no, new laws making converter theft less lucrative. Some of the most effective methods of the bill include:

  • Limits cash payments for a sold (scrap) converter to $30, the rest is by check or electronic funds transfer (so it can be tracked)
  • Requires scrapyards to keep records of where they came from, who brought them, etc.
  • This forces scrap yards and recyclers to establish ownership of the vehicle (where the converter came from) before buying and donating money.

However, the legislation stopped short of making it a crime. Although it has been enacted, we do not yet know exactly how many of these practices have been implemented.

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