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Best Free Audio Converter Software for Windows PC (2022)


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Have you searched how to easily convert your audio files to other audio file formats? Then you’ve come to the right place. I will discuss the best audio converter software that you can use on your windows computer. These tools are efficient and will help you convert audio files easily.

You might have wanted to change an audio file to a different file format, but found that the audio file became useless and unplayable. audio files are only playable in the format they were saved in, so changing the file format manually means they are no longer playable, but with audio converters, be it apps, software or online tools, you can convert them, making sure they are playable.

In this article on Naijaknowhow, you will get to know the best audio converter software for Windows PC which will help you convert audio files to other file formats without any hassle. Don’t worry, audio files converted with this software remain playable. In the meantime, you might want to check out our list of the best pdf converters for android and ios devices.

Without further ado, let’s dive right into it.

List of Best Audio Converter Software for Windows PC

Below are our handpicked best audio converters which will be useful for you to convert audio files. These Software programs are credible and effective. You will not be disappointed after using them. Keep reading!

1. Audacity

It is a free and open-source audio software that enables its users to handle all types of audio tasks. Audacity software is also cross-platform. It is one of the best audio converter tools for Windows PC. Audacity allows you to convert audio files without losing quality. It supports all types of audio file formats and as such can play the converted audio files.

Audacity should be your go-to for simple audio conversions. This software is efficient and highly recommended for converting audio files. Installing FFmpeg plugins guarantees you access to many conversion options. There is a unique feature and advantage of Audacity over others, and that is its ability to record audio files using advanced tools before converting. Below Ice has provided a working link to download this software.

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VLC Media Player

VLC is a very popular video and music player for Windows. This software also has a mobile version for android and iOS devices but with limited capabilities. VLC software can also act as an audio file converter as it offers such features. You might not know it, but if you browse the software well, you will find a built-in tool for audio conversion.

VLC player supports various audio file formats and is capable of converting them to at least 10 output formats. This software will allow you to perform CD ripping operations correctly. Since VLC is not a full-fledged audio file converter, it requires more procedures to perform full conversion. Nevertheless, this software will not fail you when it comes to audio conversion.

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3. Free Hamster Audio Converter

Hamster Audio Converter

It is a simple and straightforward tool for audio conversions. Hamster Free Audio Converter software is one of the best audio file converters for Windows PC. This software is designed as it is used for Android devices, but it is far from it. However, this converter tool supports fewer audio formats but supports major formats.

Hamster Free Audio Converter has the ability to output audio files to a variety of device presets. This software allows you to easily merge audio files. Yes, Hamster Audio Conversion tool does not have advanced features that you may see in other converters, but it is an efficient tool to perform simple audio conversions. You can download this software using the link provided below.

4. Free Audio Converter

Freemake Audio

Freemake software is another credible tool for converting audio files to other formats. This tool is available only for Windows PCs and it is very easy to use. Freemake Audio Converter offers easy-to-understand processes for converting audio files. You just need to choose a particular audio file, select the output file format and click the convert button. Very easy!

This software supports a wide range of audio files like MP3, WAV, AAC, OGG, etc. However, this tool only allows converting audio files of 3 minutes or less. As a free user, he does not exceed this duration. If you want to convert audio files longer than three minutes, you need to purchase its Infinite Pack. More features are unlocked when you purchase this pack.

5. Zamzar


Although it is not software, Zamzar is definitely one of the best audio converter tools for everyone. Whatever the gadget, be it mobile or PC, you will be able to use this software. Zamzar offers all types of file conversions apart from the sound. You will be able to convert PDF files, images and videos using this online tool. Zamzar is a complete file converter.

With features built into this tool, this makes it a paid service. You will not be able to perform any type of operation using Zamzar if you do not subscribe to any of its premium plans. If you want compress fileswhether video, audio, PDF, and images, this should be your tool of choice. Zamzar supports every type of audio file format you can think of.

6. Stellar Audio and Video Converter

audio converter

Stellar Converter is a tool that allows you to convert both video and audio files in a simple process. This software allows you to add, preview and convert audio files to any desired output format. It gives you an option to choose the location where you want to save the converted files either directly to your local storage or any external storage device.

You will have no problem playing any audio or video file that has undergone a conversion process. Stellar Converter guarantees that the converted files will play on any video or audio player without compatibility issues. This software offers you a free trial to test its capabilities, after which you must purchase the full software if you are to continue using its services.


Converting audio files will be a seamless process when you use the software and online tools listed above. Some of these audio converter software offer other file conversion services that you might be interested in. They’re mostly free, but if you need access to more features, you’ll need to upgrade to premium packages. Do you have another tool in mind, let us know via the comment section. Cheers!

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