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Celebrate epic chess at this unique new Minneapolis museum


Not all hits can be a homerun, and not every new product on the market can sell, as you’ll find out at this quirky new show in Minneapolis.

The museum of failure presents 159 products and services mainly fat errors.

However, these failures paved the way for some truly fantastic inventions.

This museum, organized by Dr Samuel West, a licensed psychologist with a doctorate. in Organizational Psychology, is intended to show people how failure can eventually lead to success while providing some comedic relief.

The site explains:

“Each piece offers a unique glimpse into the risky innovation sector and, let’s face it, the majority of innovation projects fail at some point.

Visitors can expect to see classic disasters such as the Disappointing Coca-Cola BlaK (photo below) and the ‘overhyped’ 1957 Ford Edsel (illustrated in the header), among many other famous and less famous failures.

The exhibition opens in November on the 2nd floor of the Mall of America. Visitors are expected to spend around an hour and a half visiting the museum.

If you want to discover some of these wonders, join the waiting list here. Tickets will officially go on sale tomorrow, October 6, at noon. The price of the tour is $ 24.

If you have any open questions, click here. If these FAQs do not address or address your concerns, submit a personal request.

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