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Channel Bytes September 24, 2021 – two new ways to get paid; new identity solutions; The MSP conference becomes virtual; and more



Staying informed is a constant challenge. There is so much to do and so little time. But we’ve got you covered. Grab a coffee and grab five while you munch on these treats.

Clik2pay launches an alternative to the credit card

Toronto based payment service provider Clik2pay launched a new solution that allows immediate payment from the customer’s bank account, much like a debit card. The company is promoting it as a safe and convenient way for consumers to pay for their purchases online, improving the customer experience and reducing seller transaction costs. It also supports bill and bill payments from customers’ bank accounts via SMS, email, or QR code, and its business features include easy-to-use APIs, end-to-end payment tracking. , real-time notifications, status updates, transaction history and a complete settlement record.

New member of the ServiceNow partner program

Operational technology and industrial control systems (OT / ICS) security provider Verve Industrial Protection joined the ServiceNow Partner Program to provide OT / ICS asset information, security alerts, vulnerabilities, and risk and compliance data to ServiceNow customers to improve the management of industrial environments.

“As the risk to OT environments increases, companies are looking for ways to gain visibility into their control system networks,” said Robert Held, vice president of customer success and sales engineering at Verve. Industrial. “Verve Industrial’s unique ability to inventory hardware, software, vulnerabilities, configurations, and log and alert data – in addition to taking actions such as patches and configuration updates – combined with the strong suite of products offered on the ServiceNow platform is a huge step forward. in OT risk and safety management.

Orangutech named one of Canada’s fastest growing companies

Based in Ottawa Orangutech, a Microsoft Gold Certified Partner in Productivity, Cloud Collaboration and Content, and Application Development, has been named one of the The fastest growing companies in Canada by The Globe and Mail Report on Business, with revenue growth of 197 percent over three years. He’s made the list six of the last seven years.

“The past year has shown the resilience of our team here at Orangutech. With COVID-19, our team had to quickly adapt to a new way of interacting with our customers through the use of Microsoft Teams and other digital means. Lachlan Henderson, CEO of Orangutech said in a press release. “The impressive growth that Orangutech has experienced in recent years is a direct result of this adaptability, hard work and commitment that our employees, consultants and software partners put in the service of our customers; providing quality solutions designed to modernize their workplace, an important task in today’s environment.

ConnectBooster integrates with Zomentum to accelerate payment to suppliers

ConnectBooster, a provider of secure payment solutions for IT service companies, announced a new full integration with the Zomentum IT sales acceleration platform that creates new features to increase the efficiency of the quote-to-pay process and improve the experience of partners and their customers.

A two-way information flow between Zomentum and ConnectBooster allows customers to accept a project or service quote and make an immediate payment, helping Managed Service Providers (MSPs) close business faster, reduce labor costs and strengthen cash flow. The companies say that in most cases the connection can be established and fully operational in about five minutes with just seven mouse clicks. Once set up, a prospect can immediately accept a quote and pay for all goods and services using credit cards or, in the United States, through an Automated Clearing House (ACH), all through the Zomentum platform. All customer payment information is transmitted and saved in a secure ConnectBooster vault, and users can enable automatic payment for all future invoices.

Beyond Identity Partners with Splunk and Announces Secure DevOps

Passwordless Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) Provider Beyond identity To announcement that it now integrates with Splunk to deliver granular, device-level, real-time authentication event data to fuel investigations and identify problematic and risky behaviors that pose risk. By the way, he also announced a new Secure DevOps product that establishes a simple, secure and automated way to confirm that all source code entering an enterprise repository and processed through the continuous integration / continuous deployment (CI / CD) pipeline is signed by a key cryptographically linked to a corporate identity and device.

DattoCon NOW MSP conference goes virtual

Datto, a provider of cloud-based solutions designed to be delivered by Managed Service Providers (MSPs), announced the schedule for its free virtual conference on October 13, 2021. DattoCon NOW will offer six hours of content, including sessions on growing your MSP business, managing clients and endpoints, connecting corporate networks, recovering critical data and securing digital assets, and delivering a virtual showroom with more than 50 suppliers.

Author: Lynn greiner

Lynn Greiner has been interpreting technology for business for over 20 years and has worked in and written about the industry, giving her a unique perspective on the issues facing businesses. She has both computer science degrees and a business degree.



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