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Co-creator John Romero’s new Doom 2 level released to raise money for Ukraine


Editor’s note: The war in Ukraine is a permanent, painful and moving subject. IGN urges community members to be respectful when engaging in conversation on this topic and does not condone any form of harassment.

id Software co-founder John Romero has released a new Doom II level, nearly 30 years after the game’s launch, to raise money for Ukraine.

Romero is selling the new tier for €5 ($5.53) and all proceeds will go to the Red Cross and the UN Central Emergency Response Fund working to support the people of Ukraine, he announced. in a tweet (below).

The “One Humanity” level is available on Romero’s online store and requires an original copy of Doom II and a modern source port to play.

Many players in the gaming industry have thrown their support behind Ukraine after Russian President Vladimir Putin launched a full-scale invasion into the country. Kyiv-based developer GSC Game World recently shared a heartbreaking video about how the war has affected them, and CD Projekt has halted game sales in Russia and Belarus.

11 Bit Studios, GOG, Raw Fury, Bungie, CD Projekt Red, Beetlewing, Wargaming and other game developers, publishers and influencers have donated money to charities helping Ukrainian civilians and refugees.

Ukraine also officially called on Xbox, PlayStation and “all game development companies” to temporarily stop supporting Russia and Belarus in an open letter written by Deputy Prime Minister Mykhailo Fedorov.

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