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Core and soles can be found at a Covington store


COVINGTON, Ky. — Shoe repair has been a job in James Napier’s family since 1969. He said his father originally owned and operated a shoe repair business in Covington.

What do you want to know

  • Factory Finish Shoe Repair opened on Friday

  • The store is located on East 7th Street in Covington

  • Owner James Napier says his father, who originally owned a shoe repair shop in Covington, taught him the trade

  • Napier is also a musician

“Covington has always been good to my family and my dad. He always said Covington helped him take care of us. I am one of twelve children,” Napier said.

He said he traveled everywhere on his tours as a musician. He also spent time in Delaware.

But Napier said after his father died he decided it was time to bring the shoemaking business back to Covington. At 27 East 7th Street in Covington, Factory Finish is now open.

“I felt I owed it to Covington to come back and show my appreciation for my family, my dad and myself,” Napier said.

He said it was definitely not the most common business to open in 2022.

“You don’t see them often, but it’s actually busier than you think,” he said.

He said many people are looking for solutions to things falling apart, especially during tough times, so they don’t have to go out and buy something new.

“He says you know you’re learning this craft and wherever you go in the world, if they’re wearing shoes, you can get a job,” Napier said.

He is also the type to repair handbags and hats.

You will find his passion for music also placed in photographs, CDs and other memorabilia scattered throughout the shop. He likes to point out some people he has met on his tours, including MC Hammer.

“The only thing my friend MC Hammer has on me is that he has a doll and I don’t have one yet and I keep telling him I’m going to have my own doll someday,” Napier said.