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Daddy begs the kids to let him go see Blink-182


COVENTRY, RI – Mike Lassiter, 43, a father of two, has begged his children for permission to go see his favorite pop punk band on their upcoming world tour with Tom DeLonge joining the band, sources have confirmed. only know the band because of “The Kardashians.

“As soon as I saw Tom joining the band, I texted my girls asking if it was okay to go,” Lassiter said. “At first they were a little skeptical because Blink has pretty explicit lyrics. They didn’t want me walking around the house singing horse kicks or whatever, but eventually they said it wasn’t. no big deal as long as I was willing to let them throw three parties at our house without adult supervision.The choice was easy.

Lassiter’s youngest daughter Chloe, 14, admitted she was annoyed by the request at first.

“I woke up when I heard him screaming ‘oh my god, oh my god’ and then he rushed into my room and started asking if he could go see Blink,” the teenager said. . “I had no idea what he was talking about, then he ran out of the room and came back with a stack of CDs and said we all had to listen to them right away. I don’t know who owns a CD player at this point, I just wanted to go back to bed. It’s good to see him excited about something, but we have to have some ground rules. If he goes to the show, he must wear his hat straight, it cannot be pointed sideways. And we’ll have a ban on all oversized Dickies shorts, big Etnies and anything with the word “Hurley” on it. He should dress according to his age.

A Ticketmaster spokesperson said many adults across the country are having similar conversations with their children.

“You have to understand that no one under the age of 24 cares about Blink-182, so we see a lot of older millennials trying to navigate our ticketing process and leaning on their kids for help,” said sales representative Tasha Ortiz “It’s not like the good old days where you go to the box office and get your tickets, the new world is unforgiving and vicious. Having a teenager guide you through This process is going to make things much easier and hopefully prevent parents from punching holes in their walls when they realize tickets have sold out less than a minute after they go on sale.

As of press time, Lassiter was begging his daughters to take him to Claire’s so he can get his snakebite piercings redone.