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Data Converters Market Size Expected To Reach $ 5.1 Billion By 2026



“Data converters market”

The growth of the telecommunications industry, along with the growth of the automotive industry and technological advancements, is driving the growth of the data converter market.

global Data Converters Market It is estimated to reach $ 5.1 billion by 2026 and grow at a CAGR of 5.4% from 2021 to 2026. Data converters convert voltage values ​​between two different areas: analog and digital signals discrete in constant evolution. The increasing adoption of technologically advanced data acquisition systems and the demand for high resolution images in scientific and medical applications are driving the growth of the market.

In addition, the evolution of wireless communication networks and connected devices, such as 5G wireless communication networks, has also contributed to the growth of the market. Demand for improved voice and data services, data acquisition and quality systems through 4th generation networks with advanced modulation and antenna technology. For these reasons, the demand for data converters is likely to be high as they provide flexible and accurate conversions as well as important details about the dataset.

Data Converters Market Segment Analysis by Type

Based on type, the market is divided into analog to digital converters and digital to analog converters. Analog-to-digital converters will experience significant growth of 6.6% throughout the market forecast period 2021-2026 owing to the growth of connected devices and devices and the growth of the medical industry in which these analog converters- digital and data acquisition systems are used. I am a witness. Medical equipment used in scientific equipment. According to Intelligence Node, the number of smartphone users in the United States exceeded 260 million in April 2020 and smartphone shipments reached $ 161 million in 2019. Players such as 2 Movistar and Digitel plan to invest as competition is intensifying to improve networks and reach new technologies and expand capabilities. These investments give analog-to-digital converters the opportunity to grow in the market, ensuring good communication.

Data Converters Market Segment Analysis by Industry

The Industrial Vertical segment categorizes the market into Aerospace & Defense, Automotive, Telecommunications, Consumer Electronics, Industrial, Medical, Test & Measurement, etc. The telecommunications sector will dominate the market with a 19.2% share in 2020 due to its widespread use of data converters for wireless communications and its use in smartphones and other electronic devices. Fixed wireless broadband is increasingly adopted because it uses base stations to transfer signals between buildings. It’s like satellite communication. Fixed wireless broadband has lower latency and is faster than 4G cellular networks. Due to these advantages, it is mainly preferred for public safety purposes. Fixed Wireless Broadband connects fiber optic, cable, or DSL Internet between two fixed locations via wireless and the receiver. Due to its high speed and very high bandwidth, this technology has been adopted all over the world and is driving the growth of the market. Advanced broadband technologies such as 3G, 4G and 5G offer incentives to the high-performance optical cable user industry, ensuring better penetration and reliable data. As the demand for electronic warfare systems, radar and other such solutions drives the data converter market, the aerospace and defense segments are also showing increasing growth.

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Analysis Of Data Converters Market Segment By Geography

According to geography, the data converter market will be dominated by North America in 2020 with a market share of 37.5%. North America dominates the market with growth in the telecommunications, consumer electronics and automotive sectors. Consumers in the United States are increasingly concerned about the long-term growth of human wealth. This factor has reduced living densities and increased the number of households, resulting in demand for connected devices and devices as consumers use smartphones, televisions and personal computers. These electronic devices require a good internet connection. Strong demand for home appliances is driving the market growth in the region. IoT connected devices are widely used in the Canadian market as the use of this technology has made it much easier to track and monitor critical assets. In addition, connected sensors that transmit the position of the vehicle make it possible to monitor the condition of machines and containers. All of these applications are performed using active optical cables, which are responsible for maximum data transmission. These factors are driving the growth of the market.

The driving force behind the data converter market

Growth of the telecommunications industry

The UK government provided $ 5 billion to rural areas in 2020. This investment aims to strengthen communication channels in rural areas of the UK. In addition, by using electronic devices such as smartphones and tablets for a long time, we use high speed internet as well as local area networks and wide area networks. These networks use data acquisition systems and converters to improve the transmission of audio and video communications over long distances and high bandwidth. Further growth in the telecommunications, consumer electronics, aerospace and industrial sectors is expected to drive the market growth during the forecast period.

Growth of the automotive industry due to technological progress

Since the data converter consists of a wireless transceiver, it can communicate with fixed networks and other vehicles. Some auto giants are looking to expand their businesses in the country. For example, General Motors and its suppliers will invest a total of $ 500 million in Argentina operations by 2019 to prepare for the production of high-end self-driving cars by 2020. Innovation and financing in the automotive industry led to the manufacture of automobiles. The front of the car is equipped with a distance control radar, voice activation control and a Bluetooth connection between a smartphone and a CD player which facilitates communication. These advanced technologies are driving the growth of the market due to the widespread use of data converters for these applications in the automotive industry. In addition, Fiat Chrysler will invest $ 500 million in its plant in Argentina to produce advanced vehicles. These production investments in the automotive sector provide opportunities for data converters during the forecast period.

Data Converters Market: Challenges

Challenges associated with integrating complex data converters

Data converters find applications in major industrial sectors, but integrating RF data converters into FPGAs and systems-on-a-chip is a complex task. Using FPGAs and systems-on-a-chip on smart devices requires a lot of knowledge. These factors are holding back the growth of the market.

Data Converter Market Outlook

The data converter market is dominated by leading companies such as Analog Devices, Inc., Microchip, Inc., Maxim Integrated, Texas Instruments, Avia Semiconductor, DATEL, Asahi Kasei MicroDevices, IQ-Analog, Cirrus and Renesas Corporation .

Acquisition / technology announcement

June 2019 – Analog Devices, Inc. announced a platform that enables the combination of high-performance analog and digital signal processing for a variety of wireless devices, such as 4G LTE and 5G millimeter wave (mmWave) radios . data converter

Important point

The growth of the telecommunications sector, along with the growth of the automotive sector and technological advancements, is driving the growth of the market.

Analog-to-digital converters are developing considerably in the market with a wide range of applications in oscilloscopes, scientific instruments, smartphones and other electronic devices.

In North America, the boom in the IT and telecommunications sectors is driving market growth with the development of wireless networks, image processing, network signal processing, etc.

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