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DevSecOps: CloudBees Announces Advanced Feature and Compliance Management


As part of this year DevOps World Software Delivery Management (SDM) specialist CloudBees announces extended functionality of its CI / CD (Continuous Integration and Continuous Delivery) product lines. Functionality management, which was already available as a module, should in future be usable on all products during the entire lifecycle of an application. As an independent product, CloudBees Compliance should also give companies the ability to ensure compliance with guidelines and risk analysis at all times in real time.

With feature flags, developers have complete control over creating and activating new features in an application, even regardless of standard versions and updates. CloudBees had already made available comprehensive feature metrics for CI / CD pipelines as part of the Rollout acquisition. The now extended feature management should not only cover the entire software lifecycle, but should also be fully available across the vendor’s three most important product lines: the open source Jenkins CI server and CloudBees CD commercial services. and CloudBees CI (from Q4 2021).

To this end, feature indicators have been fully integrated into Jenkins’ build pipelines so developers can keep an eye on the indicators in their CI jobs and update them or even create new ones or remove obsolete ones if. necessary. Function testing and experimenting with new features should be even easier. As an integral part of continuous delivery pipelines, feature management provides more detailed control over the delivery of individual software functions. Development and operations teams as well as product owners and release managers can coordinate more easily with improved transparency about the status of metrics across the lifecycle.

Especially for companies active in more regulated areas such as healthcare or finance – but not only – the new CloudBees Compliance offer should be able to continuously check the security and compliance of their software supply processes with the directives to the to come up. According to CloudBees, the service, which dates back to the acquired company Neuralprints and is expected to be available from early 2022, monitors both program code as well as artifacts, data, identities and infrastructure – from the first engagement. productive operation. , so that “CISOs can sleep more peacefully at night,” as Stephen DeWitt, CEO of CloudBees points out.

Continuous monitoring of all the areas mentioned should also allow developers to take active action before problems get out of hand. Among other things, they can use data from security tools to set their own risk tolerance thresholds, which CloudBees Compliance then continuously monitors. Businesses should be able to use the new offering either as a software-as-a-service (SaaS) or as a self-managed on-premise service.

Closer Feature management information and CloudBees Compliance can be found in the respective announcements of the DevOps World 2021.


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