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DVD Audio Ripper 8.3.0 – Neowin


DVD Audio Extractor is a powerful DVD audio ripping/ripping software. The program comes with a step-by-step wizard-like interface and all functions can be operated by simple mouse clicks. It can help you extract audio streams from your favorite Blu-ray Discs, DVD-Audio and DVD-Video and save them as OGG, MP3, Wave or FLAC files. The unique CD imaging feature lets you convert DVD to audio CD or DTS-CD in one step.

DVD Audio Extractor can decode all audio formats available on all DVD-Audio and DVD-Video discs: MLP (Meridian Lossless Packiing), LPCM (Linear Pulse Code Modulation), DTS (Digital Theater Systems), Dolby Digital (AC-3 ) , and MPEG2.

DVD Audio Extractor is a cross-platform application running on Windows, Mac OS X and Linux (Ubuntu and Fedora). DVD Audio Extractor offers super-fast ripping speed, rich audio format support, multi-channel capability, resampling at arbitrary sample rate, audio preview and much more. It’s all you needed to rip audio from Blu-ray and DVD discs, so you can listen on MP3 player, play on PC, record to CD or do anything else.

DVD Audio Extractor 8.3.0 Changelog:

  • Windows version is now 64-bit, 32-bit Windows is no longer supported.

  • Drop support for macOS 10.14 and earlier.

  • Updated to support Fedora 34 and later. Older versions of Fedora are no longer supported.

  • Fixed a bug preventing the custom genre from being saved.

  • Minor UI layout improvements.

Download: DVD Audio Ripper 8.3.0 | 16.9 MB (shareware)
See: DVD Audio Extractor Website | Other operating systems (Mac, Linux)

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