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FilingBox Launches Anti-Ransomware To Help Stop Rapid Growth Of Attacks



Medical centers, educational institutions, local government offices, and businesses can be protected from a ransomware attack.

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Eastvale, CA – (ReleaseWire) – 09/24/2021 – There are several well-established steps to protect against a ransomware attack.

Some of them are:

– Establish business continuity and data recovery plans.
– Regular system backups.
– Identify and document critical systems and recovery priorities.
– Regular updates and patching systems.
– Activate and apply multi-factor authentication.
– Configure firewalls.
– Require ongoing cybersecurity awareness training for all employees.

These are all necessary, but they do not completely stop the potential for an attack. FilingBox can provide the necessary protection. FilingBox is secure storage that protects data on a PC, even if the PC and the server are already exposed to ransomware. An attacker cannot edit, copy or delete files stored on the Filing Box. Only the authorized user is authorized to manipulate the files.

To securely protect data, FilingBox stores data on separate network storage, not on a local drive on the PC or server. It provides a network drive to PCs and servers like a conventional file server. However, it has the read-only security mode which can protect data from ransomware running on your PC and server.

Once authoring read-only mode is enabled, FilingBox functions as a CD-ROM burner. It does not allow any modification or deletion of data on this network drive, the application can only create and read data. So even though the ransomware is running on PCs and servers, attackers cannot encrypt data on this network drive. This is because FilingBox only allows applications to create and read the file, except when modifying (or encrypting) the files.

Users and administrators can edit and delete files on the network drive, but malware and other applications cannot edit or delete files.

The company offers a free 6-month license to medical, educational, and government organizations to demonstrate the viability of the technology.

A demo can be found here: https://youtu.be/d4MByFi3S84

About FilingBox
FilingBox’s mission is to provide “Comfort and Safety Together”. FilingBox is part of DualAuth, an authentication company that pioneered true multi-factor authentication. FilingBox is built with AWS and offers the highest level of protection against ransomware attacks. the company is headquartered in Seoul, Korea, and its US offices are located in California and MA. Safety and simplicity are essential, which is why products are designed with a minimalist approach to provide customers with a safe and convenient experience. The company has received numerous awards for its products and counts leading organizations among its customers. www.filingbox.com

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