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FIX and REPLACE Sysdig Announces Google Cloud Security Partnership


SAN FRANCISCO – (COMMERCIAL THREAD) – Fourth bullet, first sentence of the publication dated September 28, 2021, should read:

  • Sysdig SaaS on Google Cloud: The Sysdig SaaS platform is now available in the Google Cloud US-West region …

(in the place of

  • Sysdig SaaS on Google Cloud: The Sysdig SaaS platform is now available in the Google Cloud US-East region …)

The updated version reads as follows:


Launches unified cloud and container security platform for Google Cloud

Sysdig, Inc. today announced a partnership with Google Cloud to provide cloud and container security solutions that help organizations meet security and compliance needs. This collaboration establishes the Sysdig software as a service (SaaS) offering on Google Cloud and introduces a new unified cloud and container security offering for Google Cloud customers. The Sysdig Secure DevOps Platform brings new ongoing security and compliance controls in the cloud, as well as vulnerability scanning, compliance validation and detection of existing threats for containers.

Adopt Secure DevOps to Manage Your Security Risk on Google Cloud

Companies are under pressure to accelerate the delivery of applications in the cloud. Modern cloud applications built using a DevOps, CI / CD, and containerized microservices approach require a change in security processes. According to 2021 State of DevOps Study, “Teams that embed security best practices throughout their development process are 1.6 times more likely to meet or exceed their organizational goals.” Without secure DevOps, misconfigurations and weak passwords in the cloud are common, as evidenced by the many high-profile cloud breaches. Sysdig addresses these issues, working with Google Cloud, to help joint customers reduce security risks and confidently run containers, Kubernetes, and the cloud.

New security and compliance features for Google Cloud

With this announcement, Sysdig is adding cloud functionality to provide businesses with a new way to meet key security and compliance requirements in their Google Cloud deployments.

  • Cloud Security Posture Management (CSPM) for Google Cloud: Secure public cloud accounts with automatic cloud asset discovery, cloud service posture assessment, and compliance validation based on the open source Cloud Custodian project. Cloud security teams can automatically detect which Google Cloud services are in use, report configuration errors, and alert on compliance violations.
  • Cloud configuration change and threat detection: Detect threats via Google Cloud audit logs with out-of-the-box rules based on open source Falco to continuously monitor suspicious activity or configuration changes in services and infrastructure in real time.
  • Integration of chronicles for advanced threat hunting: Forward security events detected by Sysdig directly to Google Cloud Chronicle security analysis platform. Falco-based Sysdig cloud and container detection gives Chronicle users unique insights to analyze and respond to cloud native workload threats faster.
  • Sysdig SaaS on Google Cloud: The Sysdig SaaS platform is now available in the Google Cloud US-West region, making it even easier for cloud teams to get started with security, compliance, and monitoring in public, hybrid, and multicloud environments. Teams can get started in minutes by leveraging Google Cloud’s globally trusted infrastructure and grow without worrying about backend data management.
  • Availability on Google Cloud Marketplace: Buy and deploy with one click from Google Cloud Marketplace. Consolidated billing allows customers to reduce their Google Cloud spend commitment.
  • Free tier for cloud security: Get continuous cloud security for free, forever, with one account. Sysdig’s free tier includes daily CIS performance verification and threat detection to ensure cloud environments are secure and compliant. The free plan also includes image scanning for Google Cloud Registry (GCR) or Artifact Registry to automatically detect and block vulnerabilities for up to 250 images per month.

“With security a priority for our customers, we expect Sysdig’s deep visibility and threat detection and Google Cloud’s secure default infrastructure to drive greater cloud adoption among businesses today. hui, “said security manager Vineet Bhan. Partnerships, Google Cloud. “We believe there are many opportunities for us to accelerate innovation with our partnership.”

We are seeing an inflection point and cloud and container adoption is accelerating, but we know that security is the biggest hurdle, ”said Suresh Vasudevan, CEO of Sysdig. “We’re excited to partner with Google Cloud to help customers embrace secure DevOps, so they can confidently run container and Kubernetes workloads.”

The new capabilities announced today build on common solutions for visibility, security and compliance previously available for Google Cloud services including GKE, Anthos, Security Command Center, Cloud Run, Cloud Build, Google Container Registry, and Artifact Registry.

A SaaS first approach to secure DevOps

The Sysdig Secure DevOps Platform Provides organizations with a first SaaS platform to address the most critical security, compliance and monitoring functions, enabling teams to ship cloud applications faster. The Sysdig platform provides image analysis, Kubernetes and container monitoring, application and cloud service monitoring, runtime security, compliance, threat detection and prevention, response to large-scale incidents and investigation.


About Sysdig:

Sysdig drives the secure DevOps movement, enabling organizations to confidently secure containers, Kubernetes, and the cloud. With Sysdig, teams secure construction, detect and respond to threats, continuously validate cloud configurations and compliance, and monitor performance. Sysdig is a SaaS platform, built on an open source stack that includes Falco and sysdig OSS, the open standards for the detection and response to execution threats. Hundreds of companies trust Sysdig for container and cloud security and visibility. Learn more about sysdig.com.

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