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Full session schedule released for Mendix World 2021


– Fortune 500 executives, enterprise technology leaders, low-code experts and leading industry analysts will provide a comprehensive view of the central role of low-code in enterprise digitization

– Business and IT managers and “makers” are invited to personalize session, workshop and round table programs to make the most of the event

BOSTON, July 14, 2021 / PRNewswire / – Mendix, a Siemens company and a global leader in developing low-code business applications, today announced the full schedule of technical tutorial sessions and executive presentations to be presented at Mendix World 2021. The three-day virtual conference, starting September 7, is the largest and most prestigious annual low-code event in the world, where all those who play a role in business digitization come to discover, network, share knowledge and learn more about tools, techniques and the strategies that advance the low-code software development movement. .

Decision makers from all corners of the business who are dedicated to creating the digital future of their organizations should Register now and start creating their personalized conference program. Registrants can find sessions on the event website that are relevant to their industry and function or by thematic areas, such as process automation, IoT and data integration.

As the central role of software in executing critical business needs continues to increase in complexity and sophistication, Mendix provides business digitization stakeholders with critical knowledge and skills. In over 85 breakout sessions, attendees can expect to see the work of Mendix customers, hear perspectives from industry analysts, and see demonstrations of the latest enhancements to the Mendix platform.

Industry experts and guest speakers
This year’s lineup of speakers includes executives from Fortune 500 Mendix companies, industry strategists and implementation partners. John Bratincevic of Forrester discuss the role of low-code in implementing large-scale process automation. frames of Digital Accenture will discuss the current state of low-code and its growing role in the future of custom software development.

On the client side, Mohammed Kaka, director of operations at Al Baraka, an international banking group headquartered in Bahrain, will share how a banking solution developed on low-code allows the company to provide consumer applications while spending less resources than its competitors. “As a challenger bank operating in a competitive space, we look forward to sharing the insights and benefits that Mendix has brought to our organization by increasing our ability to improve customer satisfaction and deliver digital solutions,” said Kaka.

“Mendix enables flexible and iterative development,” said Linda lin, Consulting Director at ClaimSecure, from Canada largest privately held healthcare management company. “As a novice user, I am amazed at the speed of application development – from concept to collecting requirements to delivering the product. I’m excited to share our business perspective and also to hear how others have used technology to improve workforce efficiency. and better customer satisfaction. “

Beyond one size fits all
Whether attendees are starting their low-code journey or seeking advice on next-level digitization strategies, Mendix World 2021 offers a wide variety of content to build on.

  • Business and IT leaders will learn how real business problems in banking, insurance and manufacturing were solved with low-code. They can see how other leaders are using Mendix to build sophisticated multi-experience applications, leverage bottom-up technologies like AI and IoT, and create exceptional customer experiences. Attendees will share stories about how the Mendix all-in-one platform has helped them transform industry-specific knowledge into next-generation digital services that drive more effective engagement with customers, employees and providers.
  • Enterprise Architects are invited to design a strategic technology direction that supports a company’s mission both now and in the future. As a result, as the scope of their role has widened, the content available to them on Mendix World has grown and become more diverse. With sessions around “Architect For Scale” and “Lead Business Transformation”, for example, enterprise architects can learn how to choose and establish a mobile architecture strategy, how their peers handle long-term technology assessments and how Mendix supports security and strengthens governance as businesses grow.
  • Professional Developers will find an abundance of tariffs to enhance their capabilities, whether they are newbie Mendix developers or professionals who have worked with Mendix for years. The agenda includes hands-on sessions and live demonstrations covering topics such as building full-text search capabilities with Elasticsearch, using Mendix with Azure DevOps for CI / CD, UX design best practices and l quality assurance for Mendix applications.
  • New on Mendix participants will find a portfolio of sessions designed to quickly update them on low-code with key skills and best practices. The sessions will offer advice on evaluating low-code platforms from clients who have done so and explanations on market trends and how to build a first app with Mendix.

“As global businesses revise their strategic approaches to succeed in the new post-pandemic economy, thousands of individuals will converge on Mendix World to learn the latest and most innovative ways to accelerate and digitize their operations and interactions with customers, ”said the CEO of Mendix. and co-founder Derek Roos. “Mendix is ​​the most powerful and accessible platform for developing high added value solutions. We are ready and excited to welcome creators of all skill levels from around the world to Mendix World 2021. ”

Register for Mendix World , explore the agenda, and start creating your personalized conference adventure.

About Mendix World

Mendix World 2021 is set to become the world’s largest gathering of low-code experts, technology pioneers, business leaders, industry analysts and software developers who will share their first-hand experiences. hand in corporate digitization using low-code software development. Thousands of people interested in a wide range of digital solutions across multiple economic sectors will be able to choose from live Q&A, learning avenues, demonstrations and small group meetings of solution architects, business strategists and IT experts attending the three days this year. -long virtual conference.

Register for Mendix World

Early registration will ensure that attendees are aware of speaker announcements and other key news ahead of the conference as it unfolds. For more information on Mendix World and to register, please visit Mendix World 2021 registration.

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About Mendix

Mendix, a Siemens company and the global leader in enterprise low-code, is fundamentally reinventing the way applications are built in the digital enterprise. With the Mendix Platform, businesses can “do with more” by expanding a company’s development capacity to overcome the bottleneck of software development; “Make it Smart”, by creating applications with rich native experiences that are intelligent, proactive and contextual; and “Make at Scale” to modernize core systems and create large application portfolios to keep pace with business growth. The Mendix platform is designed to promote collaboration between business and IT teams and dramatically accelerate application development while maintaining the highest standards of security, quality and governance. Mendix World is the first low-code event of the year, attracting nearly 10,000 enthusiasts of Mendix and all industries.

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