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Here’s where you can find gasoline for $ 2.99 / gallon in Maine.


As we head into the Christmas holidays, there is more good news for travelers as gas prices continue to drop here in both Maine with the average price today (12/14/21 ) is $ 3.42 / gallon and nationally at $ 3.32 / gallon.

According to price watch site Gas Buddy, the average price of a gallon of regular gasoline in Maine this week is approaching the $ 3.00 per gallon mark, with just one station statewide hitting the mark. $ 2.99 / gallon bar and it’s in Brownfield.

A little closer to home, the best we could find was $ 3.06 / gallon at Walmart and BJ in Auburn.

In Augusta the cheapest price we could find was at the Fabian station at 363 Western Ave which sells gas for $ 3.29 per gallon as well as other places in the Augusta area include Gas For Less 393 Western Ave, the Citgo 2631 Middle Rd, in Sidney and the Citgo at 324 Service Plaza Drive, all at $ 3.29 / gallon.

At Waterville, the Shell station at 500 KMD reported gas at $ 3.24 / gallon. Other cheap places to buy gasoline in Waterville are Irving at 445 KMD, which sells gasoline at $ 3.31 / gallon.

Of course, it’s all relative as we’re excited that gas is getting closer to $ 3.00 / gallon, it’s hard to ignore that last year when the national average was $ 2.16 / gallon. .

Have you found good gas prices locally? Tell us where.

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