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How to transfer emails from an old account and where to find free media players


Question: My PC running Windows 10 Professional does not have a DVD drive. I was using a free DVD application which is no longer free. Can you recommend a free app?

Tracy Corriveau

A: You are correct that Microsoft’s Windows Media Player no longer supports DVD playback. Microsoft offers Windows DVD Player in the Microsoft Store for $ 14.99. If you upgraded to Windows 10 from Windows 7 or Windows 8 with Windows Media Center, you should have received a free copy of Windows DVD Player. If you didn’t get it automatically, you can try the Microsoft Store to see if you’re allowed to download it for free.

There is a better option. I have long used the free and open source VideoLAN as a reference player for all media – DVD movies, music CDs, streaming video. You can download it here: videolan.org/vlc/download-windows.html. And since VideoLAN is a non-profit organization, the gamer is unlikely to ever have a price to pay.

Question: I hope you can help me. I’m completely computer illiterate and now I’m in trouble. I have a Green River College email address that I have used for several years. Green River modifies their system and deletes all of their emails. Can I forward the emails I have in my account to another account? My Green River email account ends with. edu. I will try to get an email that ends with. com, such as a Gmail account. I would really appreciate it if you could give me some information on how to do this.

Paula boyd

A: As long as you can still access your Green River College email account, you should be able to forward all of your emails to a new account, and the three letters of the email address don’t matter. Every email client I know of, browser-based or otherwise, offers a way to select multiple emails or an entire folder of emails to forward. (In most browser-based email programs, there is a “check all” box at the top of the list.)

If it’s not clear how to mark multiple emails or folders for forwarding using your email program, contact school support staff for specific instructions. Contact details are available here: greenriver.edu/students/online-services/student-email.

Question: My 10 year old Dell laptop has a CD / DVD drive and I was able to install my Epson XP-4100 successfully and effortlessly with the supplied disc. My new Dell laptop does not have this drive. I can print very well, but not scan. I downloaded it from WinZip (Corel), but this program wants to aggressively update ALL drivers on my almost new laptop, and I think it wants the money, so I have it deleted. Is there another way?

Folsom district

A: Yes, you can download drivers and utilities for the XP-4100 directly from the Epson website: epson.com/Support/Printers/All-In-Ones/XP-Series/Epson-XP-4100/s/ SPT_C11CG33201.

Question: In a recent column, you mentioned PassFab 4WinKey as a solution to allow a PC user without administrator password to access administrator functions by resetting administrator password.

Is 4winkey.com the correct website or is passfab.com the site you used? The free version of 4winkey.com doesn’t do any resets, only show user accounts from what I see on their site.

In any case, doesn’t it seem like a tool like this would make any PC vulnerable to access by a foreign user? Not that I want to do it, but what do you think, maybe you could write an addendum to the Seattle Times article?

Peter Fong

A: You are right, my mistake. The free version only displays accounts and lets you create a recovery CD. You have to pay $ 19.95 for the standard version allowing you to reset passwords. It’s on passfab.com.

And yes, it is a tool that would make any PC vulnerable – but only to someone who has physical access to the computer. As part of the process, someone needs to create a bootable CD or USB drive using this computer. It cannot be done remotely.


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