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Humble Pie ‘The A&M CD Box Set (1970-1975)’ Coming 2/12


Humble Pie: 8-Disc ‘The A&M CD Box Set (1970-1975)’ Coming 12/2 ft. Unreleased Material (Preview/Pre-Order)

On December 2, A&M/UMe will revisit some key albums from the iconic catalog of humble pie with The A&M CD box set (1970-1975)an eight-disc collection celebrating the early 1970s part of the English rock band’s output.

It’s an expanded version, of sorts, of the 9-LP vinyl collection A&M Vinyl Box (1970-1975) released in 2017 (and can be picked up in our Rock Cellar store by clicking here).

This new 8-disc collection, however, also comes with an additional eighth bonus disc consisting of 14 rare B-sides and other rarities not part of the vinyl set, including five previously unreleased tracks. This new 8-CD collection also includes a hardcover book with an all-new essay, rare photos, and other memorabilia. Meanwhile, the limited-edition 8CD e-commerce edition includes an exclusive lithograph.

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Preview the set with “Big Black Dog,” an off-album track that was also Humble Pie’s first A&M single:

As a reminder of the group’s history:

Humble Pie was an early rock supergroup formed in Essex, England in the fall of 1968 by Peter Frampton, lead singer and guitarist of The Herd, with drummer Jerry Shirley. Steve Marriott, the legendary singer of the Small Faces, joined them in January 1969, along with bassist Greg Ridley of Spooky Tooth. When Frampton left in 1971 to pursue a successful solo career, guitarist Clem Clempson stepped in and the band continued until 1975 before disbanding.

Here is the full list of tracks from the 8-CD collection:

First record: HUMBLE PIE

1. Live with me
2. Only a cockroach
3. One Eyed Pants-Snake Rumba
4. Song of Earth and Water
5. I am ready
6. Skint Theme
7. Red Light Mamma, Red Hot!
8. Sucking Sweet Vine

Disc 2: ROCK ON

1. Shine
2. Sour grain
3. 79th and sunset
4. Stone cold fever
5. Rolling Stone
6. A song for Jenny
7. Light
8. Big George
9. Strange Days
10. Jump Red Neck


1. Four Day Creep
2. I’m ready
3. Cold stone fever
4. I walk on golden shards
5. Rolling Stone
6. Hallelujah (I love him so much)
7. I don’t need a doctor

Disc 4: SMOKIN’

1. Hot and mean
2. The repairman
3. You are so good to me
4. Come on everyone
5. Feeling of yesteryear
6. 30 days in the hole
7. Road Runners ‘G’ Jam
8. I wonder
9. Sweet Peace and Time

Disc Five: EAT IT

1. Go ahead
2. Good liquor and bad women
3. Is it out of love?
4. Pharmacy Cowboy
5. Black coffee
6. I believe in my soul
7. Shut up and don’t interrupt me
8. That’s how strong my love is
9. Say No More
10. Oh, Bella (All Hers)
11. Summer Song
12. Beckton Dumps
13. Up Our Sleeve
14. Honky Tonk Women
15. Road Runner


2. Groovin’ with Jesus
3. I can’t stand the rain
4. Anna (Go to him)
5. No way
6. Gather with Ali
7. Don’t Worry, Be Happy
8. Ninety-nine books
9. Every day
10. No deposit
11. Drift
12. Oh La-De-Da


1. Street Rat
2. Rock’n’roll music
3. We can make it happen
4. Eliminated
5. Road Hog
6. Rain
7. That’s it
8. Let me be your lovemaker
9. Countryman Stomp
10. Drive My Car
11. Queens and Nuns

Disc 8: BONUS TRACKS (B-sides and rarities)

1. Big Black Dog (A&M debut single)
2. Mister Ring (German B-side)
3. I don’t need a doctor (Edit)
4. Chopper (with blackberries)
5. You fell in love too soon (with blackberries)
6. Twist And Shout (with blackberries)
7. Don’t change a thing (with blackberries)
8. The Crowd (B-side)
9. Funky To The Bone (from UK version of Street Rats)
10. Tell Me The Truth (Unreleased)
11. Gimme Some Lovin’ (Unreleased)
12. Illegal Smile (Unreleased)
13. Hurts So Good (previously unreleased)
14. She Belongs To Me (instrumental/vocal/final vocal)