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I was unable to get driving service to Target East Windsor today


I constantly buy from Target. I buy a lot of things there and it saves my family a lot of money.

Right after the birth of my son Nathan almost two years ago, I didn’t want to take him to the stores because it was cold and flu season. I had no idea that a pandemic was about to start a few months later.

I was home alone on maternity leave and needed to do the grocery shopping and found out that Target has a feature where you can order the things you need and they’ll bring them right to your car. I discovered it then and I fell in love.

I have used it several times during the pandemic and always do it when I’m in a rush and need a quick stop before heading home for the day. It’s great because now you can even get frozen and chilled groceries.

Today (September 28) when I arrived, I noticed this sign in the parking space.

I have never seen this sign posted before and have been using the Drive Up at Target for almost two years. I generally see the same people Drive Up and these are the best. I usually don’t wait more than five minutes for them to take out my order.

Now I love my target East Windsor. I once went to get my order and forgot my license in my car, but they knew who I was and didn’t need to provide it. This is how often I get drive-by pickups and orders to my target.

Was the service not available because it was a rainy day and they didn’t want to send their employees? Or were they short of staff? Did someone call in sick? Whatever the reason, I went inside the store to take my order.

Is it a big deal? For me today, not really. I had time to get my things and was able to use the exercise. Once inside the staff were lovely as usual. There were a few Karens lining up behind me who felt different. I understand.

The Target Drive Up function is intended for people in a hurry and those who do not want to enter the store. Now you are being asked to enter the store and I can understand that it might be a bit boring.

I’ve tried to do my part by being nice and courteous and hope my daughter at the customer service desk hasn’t been bullshit on other customers. I wish they would disable the functionality of the app in some way. It might have helped them in the end.

After some research we found out that Target in East Windsor had turned off the Drive Up service due to the extreme weather conditions that hit our area earlier today. So it was actually related to the weather.

It’s good to keep in mind on bad weather days you might not be able to get Drive Up on those days. Target needs to keep their employees safe and dry and I will always appreciate them.

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