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Install Windows 11 on a VMware Player


Learn the steps to install Windows 11 OS on VMware Workstation drive bypassing TPM and Secure Boot, if you get an error “This PC cannot run Windows 11. This PC does not meet the minimum system requirements to install this version of Windows. For more information, visit aka.ms/WindowsSysReq”.

What is Vmware Workstation Player? It is popular free virtualization software for personal use. It helps to create virtual machines using various ISO files of different operating systems. It uses Type 2 virtualization technology which can be used on Linux macOS and Windows host operating systems to allow different VM instances to run in parallel at the same time.

With these virtual machines, you can also install older operating systems and test older software on current computers. Virtual environments, for example consisting of servers, can be easily copied like a directory by virtualization and decoupling from the normal system.

Using a second operating system in parallel on the desktop is relatively easy with the “VMware Workstation Player” even for beginners. Instead of working with different partitions and clumsily changing operating systems through the boot manager, using the “VMware Player” is much more elegant and faster.

Moreover, you can test software or surf the Internet without the risk of infecting the main computer with viruses. For this purpose, so-called virtual machines are used. The “VMware Player” thus simulates independent computers completely isolated from the real main system. Therefore, malicious programs cannot spread there. In addition, the “VMware Workstation Player” allows real parallel work, for example under Linux and Windows 10.

Install Windows 11 on VMware Workstation – Bypass TPM and Secure Boot

If your host PC supports TPM and Secure Boot, you can also easily install Windows 11 on VMware Player. However, these are on old systems without these two requirements of Windows 11, they must make changes in the registry to install this new Microsoft operating system.

1. Create a Windows 11 virtual machine on Vmware

Here we assume that you have already installed Windows 11 ISO and VMware Workstation Player on your current host OS. Therefore, open your VMware Player and click “Create a new virtual machine“.

Select the installation disc image. Click here on the Browse then select the downloaded Windows 11 ISO that you already have.

Insert Windows 11 ISO File

Select a guest operating system. Here we are installing Windows 11 operating system, so select “MicrosoftWindows” and click the Next button.

Windows 11 guest operating system type

Give your virtual machine a name. Here we use “Windows 11”, you can give whatever you want to call your virtual machine.

Windows 11 virtual machine name

The Vmware player will ask you to configure the virtual disk for Windows 11. By default, it will be configured to use 60 GB of space. However, you can increase or decrease it as needed.

Minimum disk size

Before you finish, click the “Customize the material” to increase memory for Win 11 virtual machine.

Customize the material

Use the slider and increase the RAM from 2 GB to 4 GB, or more if your host system allows it. After that, close the Hardware window and click on the Finish button.

Increase RAM to 4GB for Win 11 virtual machine

2. Start the Windows 11 virtual machine

Once you have successfully created the virtual machine for Win 11, double-click it in the left side panel of Vmware to start it.

To note: Soon you will be asked to press any key to boot from CD/DVD, do this to start the boot process.

Start the Windows 11 virtual machine

3. Open registry to add DWORD (32 bit)

You have the first screen which is “Windows configuration”, here press the Shift + F10 keys on your keyboard to open the command prompt.

After that, in the command prompt, type: regedit.exe and hit it Walk in key. This will open the Windows 11 Registry Editor.

Open Windows 11 startup registry

4. ByPass TPM, RAM and Secure Boot Verification

To bypass Windows 11 OS TPM, Memory and Secure Boot check, we need to make some changes to the registry file. For this on the ‘Registry Editor’ select HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE then SYSTEM and IMPLEMENT.

Under the Install folder, right click on the value area and select NEWKey.

Create a new Windows 11 registry key

Last name the created key – Labconfig

Name key to bypass the TPM

Now select the LabConfig folder, then right-click again on the right area, select New ⇒ Dword value (32 bits).

Create a 32-bit DWORD value

Now name the value Dword – BypassTPMCheck after that double click on it and change its value from 0 at 1 after that press the OKAY button.

Bypass TPM RAM and Windows 11 Secure Boot

In the same wayalso create two other 32-bit Dword values ​​and name them:



After creating them, double click on them individually and change their values ​​from 0 at 1.

Bypass Windows 11 TMP Check

Once done, close Registry Editor and Command Prompt.

5. Install Windows 11 Installer

Click on the Next button, to start the Windows 11 installation process.

Windows 11 setup

6. Product Key

You can skip the product key for now, if you don’t have it, otherwise add one and continue.

Ignore product key

7. Select Windows 11 Edition

Depending on your license or the edition you want to try, select the Windows 11 edition and click the Next button.

Select Windows 11 edition

Accept the Microsoft Software License Terms

Accept Microsoft's terms and conditions

8. Custom Install Windows 11

Here we are performing the clean install, so select the second option – “Custom: Install Windows only (Advanced)”

Windows 11 Vmware Player Custom Installation

Select the drive and click on the Next button to start the installation process.

Format drive

Start installing Windows 11

9. Finally, Windows 11 on VMware Player

After following the installation wizard, Windows 11 will be on your Vmware Workstation drive. Now you can start testing and discovering its new features.

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