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JetBrains Space Now Available On Premises


The Productivity Tools Company, JetBrainsrecently announced that its comprehensive software development platform, Space, is now available on site in beta. This offer comes with Docker Compose and Kuberntetes installation options.

Space offers users an all-in-one platform that covers Git hosting, code review, CI/CD, package repositories, issue tracking, docs, and chats.

Additionally, users have access to a set of remote development tools and native integration with JetBrains IDE.

According to the company, Space is customizable and can be extended to meet the specific needs of any business in the industry. It also helps eliminate context switching by simplifying the developer’s job and getting them to focus on their tasks with minimal distractions.

JetBrains Space On-Premises for Docker Compose provides users with a lightweight and easier way to run Space On-Premises on a single Docker host. With Compose, customers can use a YAML file to configure an app’s services, then create and start all of the configuration’s services with a single command.

Being able to self-host an instance of Space has been one of the most popular requests from our customers,” said Valerie Andrianova, product marketing manager at JetBrains Space. “They need it for multiple reasons ranging from their security policies, their integration needs or even regulatory requirements. We want Space to be the main collaboration center for them and we are happy to offer it on site. »

Space On-Premises also runs in a Kubernetes cluster which itself can be local or remote and can be hosted on-premises, on Amazon (EKS), Google (GKE), and Azure (AKS). Kubernetes then sets the system context for Space-on-premises to achieve a repeatable Space experience in any user-controlled environment.

The Space On-Premises beta comes with a license valid until January 31, 2023 at no additional cost. Most Space features that do not require hosting on the JetBrains side are automatically available in Space On-Premises.