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Legendary Mac game ‘Myst’ has been redesigned for Apple Silicon


In what is arguably the oldest game title to get an upgrade for modern Macs, the legendary graphical adventure game Myst just received a fairly substantial new version that brings compatibility with the latest Mac technologies and high quality real-time 3D graphics.

This not only includes support for Apple’s M1 Silicon, but also Metal 2.1 and AMD FidelityFX Super Resolution, giving it a 50% performance improvement over M1 Macs, even when running at full 4K resolution.

This reimagined version also features improved dynamic modeling, textures, and lighting effects, and although it’s optimized for Apple Silicon, it’s a universal binary that still works well on Intel machines. In fact, Cyan notes that it should work with any Mac released since 2018, as well as the iMac Pro 2017.

Built from the ground up, Myst is packed with new arts, new sounds, reimagined interactions, and even optional puzzle randomization. Finally… the highly anticipated modern Myst experience has arrived!


Cyan also adds that the game has now been built using the Unreal Engine and includes “new versions of the visuals in all areas of the game.”

Notably, however, although the version of Myst available on Steam indicates that it supports the VR game, it is intended for PC users of the game. The Mac App Store version of Myst notes in its FAQ that “This version of Myst does not support VR, as the platform itself does not support it.”

In addition to a brand new graphic design, this latest version of Myst includes support for many different languages ​​and new accessibility features, including dialogue and game context subtitles, through a localized user interface. Users can now also take in-game photos to keep track of what they’ve encountered, although those looking for a real sense of nostalgia may still prefer to pull out pen and paper.

About Myst

Developed by Rand and Robyn Miller and Cyan Worlds almost 30 years ago, Myst has become one of the most famous adventure games of all time. It was one of the first games to take advantage of the enormous amounts of storage then offered by CD-ROM technologies, offering a pre-rendered world of graphics that was absolutely stunning for the technology of the day.

In reality, Myst sold over six million copies in the first few years after its release, and remained the best-selling game in history for nearly ten years before being eclipsed by The sims in 2002.

Since the Miller brothers were huge Mac fans, inspired by the Macintosh Hypercard development program, Myst was one of the first games to be released exclusively for Mac. It sold 200,000 copies in the first six months – a number that would have made it a top-selling game in the much larger PC market, but was absolutely stunning in a time when the Mac was far less popular. than it is. today.

The game was ported to Windows a few months later, where it sold over a million copies in its first year of release. Myst is also credited with helping the adoption of CD-ROM drives, as it was the only way to play the game.

Stay true to the original

According to Myst developer Rand Miller, this latest version is the new “final version” of Myst, but despite several spinoffs, he and his brother Robyn felt it was important that this latest version stayed as true to the original as possible.

While the 1993 Myst spawned several sequels, spinoffs and even the 2000 remake realmyst, which introduced real-time motion graphics and added a new Rime Age, this one is simply Myst – the original game from 1993 built with today’s technology.

What we have told people is that we want this to be the “Myst” that you think you remember. This is what you imagine in your head when you think of playing ‘Myst’ 30 years ago.

Hannah Gamel, Director of Development Cyan

Cyan’s team notes that their goal was to create a game that brought gamers back to how they felt when inserting the CD-ROM into their drive for the first time in 1993, while in fact including all of the things they did. many players had already filled in their own minds.

For example, many Myst players remember seeing clouds in the sky during the game’s opening scene, when in reality it was just a solid gray background. Other objects like birds flying in the sky gain additional detail, and light now flickers through trees, and cranks and levers for puzzles are manipulated more realistically.

This will be especially true for those who play the game with an Oculus Rift or HTC Vive – and maybe one day with Apple’s AR / VR headset – where players will actually have to grab and manipulate objects with their hands, from turning knobs to grabbing ladder rungs and pulling themselves up.

While the whole experience will be familiar to Myst fans, the Cyan team has launched a curve for those who want a challenge. Players can choose to randomize the solutions to all classic puzzles, so that veteran players can face the game with the need to figure everything out from scratch.

Robyn and I were just experimenting and we were young, and we really didn’t know what we were doing. But one of the things we wanted to do was create something that looks like a place. Not just a game, but a place. We have succeeded, at least partially, and that means people want to keep coming back to this place. And as we improve it, they’re still content and fulfilled a little bit, going back to that place.

Rand Miller

The reinvented Myst is available for $ 29.99 on a wide range of online stores including the Mac App Store, Steam, Epic Games, Microsoft, GOG, and more.

Mac users should be running macOS Big Sur 11.5.2 or later, an Intel or M1 quad-core processor, and 8 GB of RAM, although Cyan recommends 16 GB for the best performance on Intel Macs.

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