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Lexington ranks # 33 on “150 Best Places to Live” list


LEXINGTON, Ky. – The results are in: People love to live in Lexington.

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  • Lexington # 33 on Top 150 Places to Live List
  • The cost of living and the labor market among the most desirable factors
  • We spoke to some residents about what they like
  • Shops, restaurants and leisure are also important for residents

US News & World Report ranks the Lexington-Fayette County Metropolitan Statistical Area (MSA) 33rd on its list of the 150 Best Places to Live in the United States for 2021-2022. US News analyzed 150 metropolitan areas in the United States to find the best places to live based on the quality of life and the job market in each metropolitan area, as well as the value of living there and the desire of people to live there. ‘to live.

Lexington ranked behind Tampa, Fla., At 32nd, and ahead of Grand Rapids, Mich., At 34th. Boulder, Colo., Led the list, edging out Raleigh-Durham, NC.

Lexington-based freelance journalist Megan Larkin provided US News & World Report with an article on her hometown. She said part of Lexington’s popularity stems from its offering of a “blend of the South and the Midwest” and the University of Kentucky providing a “constant influx of young people educated in culture and economics. “.

Lexington resident Norman Williams loves the small town vibe of Lexington. (Brandon Roberts / Spectrum News 1)

College basketball, restaurants, outdoor recreation, bourbon, and a temperate climate have contributed to Lexington’s population growth. At the same time, the cost of living remains relatively low compared to similar markets, Larkin said.

“Combined with a diverse job market and a stable economy, this makes Lexington a great place for young professionals, families and retirees,” said Larkin.

US News & World Report also ranked Lexington at No.102 on its “Best Places to Retire” list and No.19 on its “Cheapest Places to Live” list. Danny Mitchell loves Lexington’s low cost of living. He said he had lived in many places, such as Cincinnati and Texas, but loved Lexington, his home the most for the past two years.

“I like it here because it’s cheap to live in,” he said. “Lexington is cheaper than anywhere else I’ve lived.

Lexington was also high on the list as its violent crime rate was lower than the national average in 2020. However, the city’s property crime rate was slightly higher than the national rate. The low rate of violent crime is endearing to many, like Norman Williams, a longtime Lexington resident who said he liked the vibe of a small town while being a big city.

Kurt Anderson of Maysville often brings his grandchildren to Lexington to spend the day dining and shopping. (Brandon Roberts / Spectrum News 1)

“It’s always so peaceful here,” he said. “Everyone is really nice and always ready to lend a hand.”

The prevalence of locally owned businesses also adds to Lexington’s appeal. Kendrick Eubanks, 21, is a longtime Lexington resident who has said he adores the stores he has shopped for most of his life.

“I love CD Central, The Album, sQecial Media and places like that,” he said. “I love all of these types of stores that we have in town.”

Lexington’s place on the list was made easier by its multiple parks, the Legacy Trail, Kentucky Horse Park, and proximity to nearby areas such as the Red River Gorge and Cumberland Falls. Kurt Anderson lives in Maysville, but often drives 90 minutes to Lexington with his grandchildren to spend the day and enjoy the amenities of the big city.

“I often bring the grandchildren here,” he said. “We love restaurants and a lot of specialty shops. It’s a great place to hang out and a really safe place to bring my grandchildren.

US News & World Report Best Places to Live rankings are determined using data from the US Census Bureau, FBI, US Department of Labor, and internal resources. The data were classified according to the labor market, crime rates, results of a desirability survey and net migration.


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