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Little Caesars Pizza in Augusta permanently closed


Looking back over the past year, it is truly sad to think about the many businesses and restaurants that have closed in the Augusta area. Some are directly linked to Covid-19, others simply couldn’t find or pay enough staff, and still others were part of the company’s downsizing.

A recent addition to this list is Little Caesars Pizza in Augusta on Western Ave.

Being so close to Little Caesars Radio Station has seen more than its fair share of our station staff’s business over the years, but apparently it hasn’t been enough to keep them afloat any longer.

Rumors were that they were still open part-time. Others lamented that they just weren’t able to find the right staff to keep them open enough to generate a profit. Although most likely a combination of reasons caused the shutdown.

I wanted to be sure this was the case and not just reduced operating hours which were the culprit here. So I stopped. Judging by the photos I took of everything that was taken apart inside, and an extra lock on the door with a sign asking you to call the super steward if you need to access the building I’m comfortable enough to say that Little Caesars in Augusta is unfortunately not longer.

I also called the store number for a comment and the line went offline. Another sign of the times, and another lost for the greater Augusta region.

Will you miss Les Petits Césars? If you really need your solution, you’ll be happy to know that Waterville, Auburn, and Topsham all have active grocery stores … Pizza! Pizza!

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