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Nintendo Switch OLED – Why doesn’t it support Bluetooth headphones?


The· Nintendo Switch OLED Is not Switch Pro.. With the exception of the updated OLED display, better speakers, and a more adjustable kickstand, the internals are the same as the current Switch, but with a $ 50 markup.

However, Nintendo’s insistence on doing as little work as possible is hampered by current consumer expectations. The Nintendo Switch OLED doesn’t seem to support Bluetooth headset connectivity, so it can even be boring with the expectations of 10 years ago. This is the feature you find PSP Go – This was announced in 2009 12 years ago.

through Specification List The OLED Switch released by Nintendo will be equipped with the same Wi-Fi and Bluetooth chips currently in circulation. The on-board Bluetooth is version 4.1. That is, it exceeds the ability to handle multiple wireless controllers and headphones. In comparison, the PSP Go used Bluetooth 2.0. Nintendo was able to implement the Bluetooth headset feature through software for all intents and purposes, but chose not to implement it intentionally.

There are many reasons for omission. Headphone frequencies may interfere with controller connections. There is a lot of lag that can be felt during the game and can be seen as an unpleasant experience. Or, despite the introduction of Bluetooth 5.0 since 2016, the 4.1 chip is simply the cheapest part to get, creating a redesigned motherboard to accommodate the latest 5.2 chips. Not worth the trouble. As you know, Nintendo fans can complain about the lack of support, but they will always buy consoles.

Regardless of what Nintendo justifies to shareholders, this minimal profit-driven approach the company takes in hardware reviews, at worst, interferes with well-known Japanese game makers. Confidence that creates a different consumer experience that can at least hurt consumers.

Nintendo has a habit of prioritizing profit over practicality. And consider the stubbornness of the cartridge before someone starts ringing, because Nintendo is a business and owes its shareholders a fiduciary duty. With the launch of Nintendo 64, Kyoto chose to use older and more expensive cartridges than compact discs, which are much cheaper and have higher data densities. In doing so, Nintendo wanted to have a good understanding of the manufacturing side of the game business and ensure that it would receive third party royalties because it needed cartridges. Made by Nintendo.. However, by choosing this strategy, Nintendo is bleeding third-party developers who are enthusiastic about creating content for the PlayStation. The CD can hold 700 megabytes of data instead of the N64 up to 64. Cost of using It was much cheaper.

If Nintendo had chosen the higher technology CD, the Nintendo 64 could have sold more systems. So far, the N64 has pushed around 33 million units globally, unlike the 102 million PlayStation units.

Also, be aware of inconsistencies in the display around Nintendo 3DS series handhelds. Some have few TN panels. Others probably had a high quality IPS display at the top and a TN panel at the bottom. However, a few elusive people have dual IPS setups and are currently getting around $ 500 on eBay. It shows some contempt for some of Nintendo and the willingness to sell substandard products for the same price. It was like a lottery for fans looking for the best 3DS.

(Image credit: Nintendo)

Of course, just because OLED Switches don’t have Bluetooth doesn’t mean sales will drop. Maybe the system will sell well. However, this omission shows Nintendo’s familiar model not trying to clear the hurdles of the redesign, but rather leaving the trail and waiting at the finish line.

Anyone who wants to make an excuse for Nintendo should understand that the company is selling this device for a premium of $ 50 over the current Nintendo Switch. And rigid OLEDs don’t cost Nintendo much more than LCD screens. report, Samsung has lowered the price of rigid OLED displays in hopes of attracting buyers as more phones choose flexible displays. Probably more expensive, but these new screens aren’t that expensive. This is why I like cell phones under $ 400 OnePlus Nord N10 5G There is an OLED panel. It’s not unreasonable for consumers to expect more creature comforts for $ 350.

While hardcore gamers have been looking for a bigger mid-gen refresh for Nintendo Switch, what they can handle Bowser’s Super Mario 3D World + Fury in 720p – Not an OLED switch. And for a beloved company like Nintendo, it should respect the wishes of its most enthusiastic fans more.

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