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Oneocean brings travel optimization solutions to


Marlink, a smart grid solutions provider, said it has partnered with OneOcean Group to add a range of advanced travel solutions to its app partner program.

OneOcean is one of the world’s largest providers of voyage planning solutions for the marine industry with products used by more than 15,000 vessels worldwide to support and optimize navigation and compliance. The company develops and deploys innovative solutions that connect ship and shore teams, providing customers with the visibility and real-time information needed to support decision making and drive operational excellence. Data is transformed into intelligent information, which is used to increase transparency and simplify complex tasks to enable teams to work more efficiently.

The Marlink Application Partner Program enables selected solution providers to optimize service delivery through its application management platform and enjoy streamlined and secure delivery of data and resources without the need for USB sticks or CD-ROMs.

This collaboration, which combines OneOcean solutions with the ease of delivery offered by Marlink’s application management platform, will give shore crews and sailors quick, up-to-the-minute access to some of the best software in the world. market to improve travel planning and increase safety. All the information needed to stay compliant and minimize environmental impact is centralized and dynamically updated.

Information about the local marine environment is provided in real time, helping crews make critical decisions that minimize the impact of their operations.

“OneOcean is committed to putting digital solutions in the hands of sailors to facilitate faster and smarter ship management; the products in our portfolio work together to improve workflows, facilitate communication and ultimately deliver real benefits to our customers and the marine industry, ”said Martin Taylor, CEO of OneOcean. “This partnership with Marlink on the Application Partner Program aligns with our strategy and builds on the special relationship between the two companies to deliver solutions that reinforce safer, cleaner and more efficient working practices.

“The app partner program is being consistently built into a powerful platform that puts digitization tools in the hands of vessel managers and sailors, with clear synergies for vessel operations,” said Nicolas Furgé, President, Digital, Marlink. “Digitization will make the maritime industry smarter, safer and more efficient, which it needs to be to meet the challenges of reducing greenhouse gas emissions, increasing automation and improving Security.

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