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Online Business Systems and Tauruser Partner to Power Intelligent Software Infrastructures and Optimize DevSecOps | New


JACKSONVILLE, Florida and WINNIPEG, Manitoba, October 4, 2021 / PRNewswire-PRWeb / – Online Business Systems (Online) and Tauruser announce partnership to ensure sustainability of compliance with a robust SaaS solution that enables DevSecOps and CI / CD engineering, as well as essential cybersecurity, cloud and compliance services.

With the recent high-profile attacks that prompted U.S. executive orders to Cyber ​​security performance of critical infrastructures and Security based on software nomenclature (SBOM), this partnership comes at a pivotal time as organizations and boards seek to understand software risk and compliance on a portfolio basis.

“We strive to help our clients quickly discover, manage and reduce the threats that pose some of the most significant risks to their business,” said Rob harvey, Managing Director, Risk Security and Privacy, Online. “By partnering with Tauruseer, our customers have access to a single platform to understand and meet security, governance and compliance objectives. at 50 tools – is something that no point tool can do. We’ve never seen these abilities before. “

Solving the sustainability of security and compliance together

DevSecOps is a combination of tools and workflows that make software development and deployment faster, more reliable, and more secure. Tauruser unifies all risk data across all tools, connecting people, processes, technologies and behaviors. The platform enables end users, operators, and analysts to configure product-centric software and infrastructure without code, allowing systems to be monitored and troubleshooted. The solution provides complete visibility into the DevSecOps infrastructure and allows users to analyze every layer of their operations.

Online encapsulates its proven and solid knowledge of risk, security and privacy around tooling and its findings, to meet business process needs and attestation tasks. Their service portfolio is designed to solve cybersecurity and risk issues the right way, the first time.

This partnership solves critical challenges for customers. Whether it’s reducing the cost of compliance reporting, monitoring, measuring and analyzing every step of CI / CD pipelines, supporting security audits or developing custom dashboards and KPI / KRI for customers, the partnership provides a ready-to-use solution.

Organizations in various verticals such as financial services, payments, digital commerce, healthcare, energy and government contractors will benefit from:

1. Faster, more agile delivery and shorter time to market

2. Improved safety and reduced risk

3. Reduced operating and development costs

4. Improved customer experiences and satisfaction

5. Environment independent versions to avoid vendor lock-in

6. Maintain audit-ready compliance for less operational disruption

“Everyone wants to ‘veer to the left,’ but the reality is that the tools and processes are designed for developers, leaving cybersecurity out of the conversation. Online is a very exciting opportunity, already proving incredible expertise in cybersecurity problem solving and innovation. Thanks to our “no-code” approach, security managers are able to quickly deploy product security programs without having to be a developer. Online’s ability to research solutions like this proves that they go above and beyond to ensure customer success makes them a great partnership, “mentioned Jeremy vaughan, CEO Tauruser.

Using a shared support model, Online and Tauruser deliver value long after initial deployment through a Service Level Agreement (SLA), defined professional services, and a commitment to future product innovation. Pricing is straightforward for end users who want to purchase a single plan with the option to include a SaaS subscription. Partner offers are available today. To discuss this, please contact [email protected] or [email protected]

About online trading systems

Online Business Systems (Online) is a digital transformation and cybersecurity consulting firm. Since 1986, Online has used technology to deliver dramatic business results to businesses across Canada, United States and EMEA. Their unparalleled delivery, their people and online culture of loyalty, trust and commitment to mutual success set them apart. Today, Online has more than 350 business and technical consultants across Canada, United States and EMEA. Online was recognized in the “Best Workplaces in Canada“for 15 consecutive years. For more information about Online or their services, please visit https://www.obsglobal.com/

About Taurus

Tauruser is the ProductOps risk management platform. Powered by the patented Cognition Engine â„¢, the platform has been uniquely designed to optimize DevSecOps performance, security and compliance, enabling security and IT professionals to intelligently tailor software delivery on time. real based on proactive product, infrastructure and development information. Tauruseer helps product-centric organizations establish and automatically and continuously evolve risk-based, enterprise-wide product safety programs. The result is a significant reduction in costs and risks, which speeds up business without sacrificing compliance needs or compromising security. Tauruser was built by corporate technical directors, CISOs, and a former FBI cyberterrorism unit chief. For more information, please visit https://www.tauruser.com/

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