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Opening of a new disc golf course in Calgary



Disc golf enthusiasts now have a new place to test their skills in the city of Calgary.

The Currie Disc Golf Course officially opened to the public on Saturday at the former site of the Richmond Green Golf Course.

It was made possible through a partnership between the City of Calgary and the Calgary Disc Golf Club.

Disc golf is played in much the same way as regular golf, but players throw discs from the tee to a target at the end of the hole.

Courses must be completed with a minimum of discus throws.

One of the other major differences in the game is that the courses are usually laid out in and around wooded areas to provide varied terrain and obstacles, which makes it difficult for players.

The new facility offers three skill levels and can also be modified to accommodate large tournaments.

Officials say the sport has grown in popularity since it was introduced to Calgary about 10 years ago.

“This is huge for our community,” said James Koizumi, president of the Calgary Disc Golf Club. “Calgary wants to become one of the largest disc golf communities in the country. We certainly have the popularity of the sport – it has been great thanks to COVID.

He says the new facility was quite busy, even on the first day.

“It shows that we need more facilities to meet demand.”

Koizumi says the sport can be played any time of the year, including winter, and the location of the new course is convenient in many ways.

“It’s close to Crowchild Trail and it’s considered the city center, which is also convenient for public transportation.”

Kestrel Yeo, a disc golf player, says it’s a fun sport to play, suitable for all ages, and most importantly, it’s completely free with the exception of the equipment you need. bring with you.

“We have been looking forward to the opening of this course since the spring,” she said. “It’s about a 20 minute walk for me.”

There are about a dozen disc golf courses in Calgary.

Further details can be found on Calgary Disc Golf Club website.


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