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PC crashes and restarts randomly, sometimes with a BSOD



Two days ago, my ROG G751JY started crashing and rebooting randomly. The laptop was working like a charm before that.

The context :

Laptop: Asus ROG G751JY

OS: Windows 10 – Latest Update

RAM: 24GB total – 1x8GB stock RAM + 2x8GB added in user slots.


Storage: Original SSD and HDD + 1 HDD added in CD-ROM slot.

Battery: Replaced a few months ago – Non OEM (Brand: GreenCell).

The description :

  • Two days ago my laptop started crashing and restarting randomly.
  • Most often there is no BSOD when it crashes.
  • Sometimes I get a BSOD, with various error messages (but most often: “WHEA_UNRECOVERABLE_ERROR”). I should have written the other error messages, I think one of them had “KERNEL” in it.
  • PC does NOT crash in safe mode. (I haven’t seen a crash in safe mode yet).
  • Two days ago, the crashes were quite spaced out (about 30 minutes). Now I can’t use the laptop for more than a minute (it crashes at the login screen or a little after). From time to time (but more and more rarely), it will not crash for about 15 minutes.
  • In the event viewer, two items appear each time just before the crash, and they are Npsvctrig and FileCryptjust before the 41 Core power error.
  • Important: 2 days ago, there was a storm during which I used my laptop. So maybe a power surge damaged the motherboard (which I didn’t notice at the time)?

Similar topic:

My problem is extremely similar to the one described in this topic (bleeping forum) or this one (asus forum).

What I tried (without effect on the problem):

  • Remove the RAM from the user slots.
  • Remove the original RAM and replace it with another one.
  • Disconnect the battery.
  • Remove the hard drive from the CD-ROM slot.
  • Brought the laptop to a computer repair specialist who replaced the SSD (which contains the operating system) with a new one to try a clean install of Windows from USB, but it crashed during installation !
  • I have NOT tried removing the original hard drive, because when I remove it I get a “Checking for media presence” and Windows won’t boot (which is weird since the OS is installed on the SSD, not on the HDD).
  • Disabling all startup programs and services.

Thoughts :

I have no idea if the problem is caused by software or hardware. The fact that I used it during a storm might have damaged it, but why doesn’t it crash in safe mode then? And if it’s software, why does it crash when replacing the SSD with a new one?

I would be very grateful for a little help, because at this point I’m pretty desperate!

Thanks for reading this.

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