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People share their best and worst encounters with Australian celebrities


Nothing brings me more joy than reading the spicy celebrity meetups from normies, which usually come via my favorite Instagram page, Deuxmoi.

But last night So dramatic! shared their struggles with their Aussie fans and there is absolute gold in there from our local celebrities.

Keep in mind that as with all blind gossip you read on the internet, there is no way to know if these stories are legitimate or if they were fabricated for lols, so take them like this: a good lol.

Let’s dive into some of my favorites, okay?

First there is my old man Russel crowe who was generous enough to buy a bettor a McFlurry. KING.

Meanwhile, another follower said they met Angie kent in a club bathroom and described her as the “MOST BEAUTIFUL CHICK” and an “absolute angel”, while someone else claimed they had met Sophie monk in an airport smoking area and said she was the “SWEETEST CHICK”.

And then there were international celebrities, like Sam smith who was “adorable” when a punter served them at work.

Now, let’s dive into some of the negative celebrity dating, okay?

One follower claimed that the ex Real housewives from Beverly Hills Star Lisa Vanderpump was “so rude”, as was the Australian influencer Brittney saunders.

A follower lifted a few Bachie guys, claiming that while Jake ellis was “really cool”, old man Niranga was an “absolute flog”.

And here’s my absolute favorite fucking thing I’ve read, not just in So dramatic! ‘S Q&A, but anywhere on the Internet. Already.

A follower who claimed to be an employee of a CD store at an unnamed airport alleged that Natalie Bassingthwaighte visited the store “regularly” and “called head office to complain if the Rogue Traders CD was not on the wall of cards.” Even if it wasn’t a map.

I put this one away for a rainy day when I need to laugh. Brilliant equipment, that is to say.

Head to So dramatic Instagram to shoot others.

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