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Roksan announces Attessa Next-Gen audio line



British audio maker Roksan has announced its line of next-generation Attessa audio equipment, which will be released in Australia in September.

The range includes a streaming amplifier, an integrated amplifier, a turntable and a CD transport.

The Attessa integrated amplifier sports a high-performance Burr Brown 24-bit / 192kHz digital-to-analog converter, while the analog inputs include a phono stage for use with a turntable. Bluetooth aptX connectivity means you can stream directly from a device, for easy listening.

The Attessa streaming amplifier delivers high quality music in the easiest way to use, thanks to BluOS, the powerful multi-room streaming platform, which connects to over 20 different streaming services and can wirelessly stream up to 64 areas. Like the integrated amplifier, it features the Burr Brown 24-bit / 192kHz DAC compatible with MQA and FLAC file formats and compatible with high-quality turntables – delivering 130 watts of power.

And if you’re keeping things strictly old-fashioned, pair them with either the Attessa CD transport and Attessa Platinum (or both).

The CD Transport does “exactly what you expect – connects via digital coaxial to one of the Attessa amplifiers and transmits the digital audio information from the disc to the high performance DAC,” as the company explains. The MaestroUnite app connects the Attessa amplifier and the Attessa CD transport into one system.

The Attessa turntable is a high-end engineering centerpiece: with a unipivot tonearm, a pre-installed high-quality Roksan Dana cartridge and a switchable phono stage, which means it can connect to your old one. amplifier if you already have your amp setup and you are just looking for a new turntable.

Prices and finishes are below:

Finishes: Satin white, Satin black

Attessa Streaming Amplifier

Attessa integrated amplifier

Finishes: Silver, Black



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