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Run to that Schiit: the $129 Modi+ DAC


The Schiit Modi DAC celebrates its tenth anniversary this year and to celebrate this milestone, the California/Texan company has announced a new release.

The incoming Modi+ is built around an ESS ES9018 DAC chip – tuned by Schiit co-founder Mike Moffat – and can be powered by one of three digital inputs: coaxial, TOSLINK or the Unison USB input of Shiit. All digital inputs support PCM up to 24-bit/192kHz; no MQA; no DSD; carefree.

Long-time Modi enthusiasts will note the switch from micro-USB to USB-C sockets for USB data and outboard power inputs. The latter is used to power the DAC when coaxial or TOSLINK feeds are in play. But as the other Schiit co-founder Jason Stoddard pointed this out in a recent Head-Fi article: “It’s just a connector” and that “firmware is more important”.

Other improvements over previous Modi models include an aluminum push button switch with LED source status lights and a new USA-made seamless steel chassis that Stoddard says dramatically enhances the exterior appearance. of the DAC to make it the most beautiful Modi to date.

Back inside, Schiit reports that Modi+ features “the same very high quality parts used in much more expensive products – Microchip microcontrollers, TI OPA1656 operational amplifiers, precision thin film resistors and film capacitors, DC coupling, advanced power management…”

Why might you want a Modi+? To improve the sound quality of the analog output (assuming it exists) found on your favorite games console, TV, CD player, network streamer or PC/Mac.

Price? $129.

More info: Schiit Audio

Photos: Lee Shelly