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Sheriff’s reports for Nov 28-Dec. 8 – Shelby County Journalist



The following are Uniform Incident and Violation Reports from the Shelby County Sheriff’s Office from November 28 to December 31. 8:

28 november

-Illegal possession of marijuana drug paraphernalia from Block 100 of Mayfair Lane, Calera. A green leafy substance suspected of being marijuana (3 grams), a grinder with residue and a glass pipe with residue were recovered.

1st December

– Harpersville Shelby County 9500 Block 55, Harpersville.

-Theft of property, burglary of Dunn Construction, US 31, Alabaster. A DJI Phantom 4 RTK drone valued at $ 17,000 and a projector valued at $ 500 were stolen.

-Attempted escape from Shelby County 77 and Briarvale Road, Columbiana.

– Escape attempt, resistance to arrest of 2100 Block in Shelby County 77, Columbiana.

-Breaked Home Protection Order for Shelby County 17, Maylene Block 9200 to BP.

-Investigation into the death of Block 4000 in Shelby County 26, Columbiana.

-The threatening domestic violence of the Chism Circle, Montevallo.

-Third Degree Burglary, Third Degree Property Theft of Shelby County 467 Block 1700, Vincent. Two sets of DeWalt drills valued at $ 1,398 and two tool boxes valued at $ 100 were stolen.

-Various incident in block 3500 in Shelby County 61, Columbiana.

– Fourth degree property theft of the 300 block of Glaze Ferry Road, Vincent. A Toro blower valued at $ 80 was stolen.

-Various incident on Block 0 of Kings Ranch Drive, Chelsea.

-Home violence-criminal mischief in Block 0 of Tiger Lilly Lane, Montevallo. A glass of the front door valued at $ 100 was damaged.

December 2

-Investigation into the death of Block 400 of Shelby County 253, Montevallo.

-Breaked Domestic Violence Protection Order, Third Degree Criminal Trespassing of Block 8100 at Alabama 155, Montevallo.

– Illegal possession of drug paraphernalia from US 280 East at Highland Lakes Drive, Birmingham. A glass pipe with residue was confiscated.

-Theft of property of block 500 of Chesser Reserve Way, Chelsea. $ 2,375.38 in cash was stolen.

-Caldwell Mill Road Block 5400 Incident, Birmingham.

-Fourth degree theft of US 280 block 16000 in Walmart, Chelsea. Various grocery items with a combined value of $ 28.25 were stolen.

– Shelby County 39 block 2300 at Chelsea Middle School.

-On the 100 block of Kings Ranch Drive, Chelsea.

-Home investigation of Block 100 of Austin Circle, Birmingham.

-Domestic survey of block 80 of Brantley Lake Road, Maylene.

-Incident of block 100 of River Birch Road, Chelsea.

-Vehicle break-in, theft of property in Shelby County 61 block 5700, Wilsonville. A Smith & Wesson revolver and a Hobo wallet were stolen.

December 3

-Investigation into the death of Phillips Road, Montevallo.

-Austin Circle block 100 incident, Birmingham.

– Flight in the 2100 block of Shelby County 35, Pelham. A catalytic converter valued at $ 2,000 was stolen.

-Fourth degree theft of US 280 block 4600, Birmingham. $ 160 was stolen.

-Sunrise Circle block 200 incident, Wilsonville.

-Disorderly driving, public drunkenness of Block 80 of Chesser Plantation Lane, Chelsea.

-Assault on Shelby County School Bus No. 0831 near Church Street and Alabama 25, Wilton.

– Fourth degree property theft of the 300 block of Millers Farm Road, Columbiana. A DeWalt cordless drill valued at $ 220 was stolen.

-Investigation into the death of block 200 of Pebble Road, Montevallo.

-Caldwell Mill Road Block 5400 Incident, Birmingham.

-Domestic investigation of the 500 block of Clay Pit Road, Montevallo.

– Damage to Shephard Gap Road property in Shelby County 41, Leeds. A 2003 Mercedes Grand Marquis LS was damaged.

– Property damage to Block 4600 in Shelby County 22 West, Montevallo. A 1999 Chevy Malibu valued at $ 1,500 was damaged.

– Illegal possession of a controlled substance, drug paraphernalia from Shelby County 200, Montevallo. Methamphetamine (0.5 grams) and a syringe containing methamphetamine residue were confiscated.

December 4

– Second degree criminal mischief, third degree criminal trespassing from Egg and Butter Road to Beaver Creek Road, Columbiana. A large metal gate estimated to cost $ 501 or more was damaged.

-Attempt to escape Egg and Butter Road in Beaver Creek Road, Columbiana.

– Illegal possession of a controlled substance drug paraphernalia from Egg and Butter Road to Beaver Creek Road, Columbiana. A transparent bag containing suspected methamphetamine (0.5 grams including bag) and a used syringe were confiscated.

– Harassing communications from the 7500 block of Chelsea Road, Columbiana.

-National survey of the 300 block of Lloyds Lane, Shelby.

-Incident from unknown location in Shelby County or Gadsden area.

-Domestic violence in the 20,000 block of Kenley Way, Birmingham.

– Beech Circle block 0 incident, Chelsea.

– Criminal mischief of the 100 block of Shorefront Lane, Wilsonville. A 2017 Audi Q5 sustained damage of $ 1,800.

December 5

-Public drunkenness of the 3000 block of Buck Horn Cove, Birmingham.

-Agression, allowing dogs to run free from the 600 block of Dusty Hollow Road, Columbiana. A CD with photos of injuries was recovered and seven passed out goats were damaged.

-Home violence-harassment in the 300 block of Stonecrest Drive, Birmingham.

-Home violence-harassment in the 300 block of Stonecrest Drive, Birmingham.

-Inquiry into the death of Block 200 of Shelby County 483, Vincent.

-Assistance from the 200 block branch of Oaklyn Hills Drive, Chelsea.

-Incident of Block 400 of Shelby County 219, Montevallo.

-DUI-alcohol, driving while dismissed from Shelby County 41 to Shoal Creek.

-Old Highway 280 block 7000 incident, Sterrett.

-Home violence-harassment from Brookview Lane, Helena.

-Home violence-assault from Diamond Lane, Montevallo.

-Harassment of Shelby County 270 Block 200, Maylene.

December 6

-Theft of property of Block 14300 of Shelby County 43, Vandiver. Two Stihl trimmers valued at $ 1,200, a Stihl chainsaw valued at $ 600 and a fuel pump for a tank valued at $ 800 were stolen.

-Home survey of Shelby County 61 Block 6000, Wilsonville.

-Third degree domestic violence, third degree criminal mischief of the 400 block of Cove Road, Wilsonville. Damage was caused to 497 Cove Road including three bullet holes in the walls and water all over the ground floor from a bullet hitting pipes. A CD with photos of the damage and a 9-millimeter cartridge case were recovered.

– Material damage to block 16000 of US 280, Chelsea. A 2003 Mitsubishi Galant ES was damaged.

– Criminal mischief in the 5500 block of Afton Drive, Birmingham. One door suffered damage of $ 20,000.

– Shelby County 61 and Shelby County 443 incident, Wilsonville.

-Fake block 2400 of Brook Run, Birmingham. $ 500 was stolen from a check.

-Fake the 2500 block of Westminster Circle, Birmingham. Amounts of $ 5,856, $ 281, $ 312 and $ 976 were stolen by check.

December 7

-Great Pines Road Block 0 property theft, Leeds. A prosthetic leg valued at $ 8,000, a driver’s license wallet valued at $ 65, a prescription vial of Trazodone and a vial of prescription Lyrica valued at $ 400, a chihuahua of $ 200 worth and a Tracfone worth $ 40 were stolen.

-Breaked a Domestic Violence Protection Order at 100 Block Main Street, Columbiana.

-Home violence-harassment from Shelby County 223, Montevallo.

– Property damage to block 100 of Bass Lane, Columbiana. A large PVC pipe was damaged.

-First degree property theft, miscellaneous incident on block 100 of Shadow Drive, Alabaster. A 2003 Honda Civic was stolen.

-National survey of the 2000 block of Clearview Drive, Birmingham.

– Shelby County 42, Shelby Block 17000 incident.

-Obstruction of justice-false identification of Main Street and Shelby Street, Montevallo.

-Obstruction of justice-fake ID, trying to escape Main Street and Shelby Street, Montevallo. A pair of brass knuckles and a bottle of Naloxone injection (6.9 grams) were recovered.

-Theft of first degree property in an unlisted location.

-Incident at block 5400 of US 280, Birmingham.

-Domestic survey of block 200 of Park View Circle, Chelsea.

– Illegal breaking and entering of a vehicle from the 6200 block of Cahaba Valley Road, Birmingham at Briarwood Christian School. A pair of new Jordan 11 shoes valued at $ 500 was stolen.

– Retreat Lane 9100 block, Birmingham incident.

December 8

-Illegal possession of second degree marijuana, Shelby County 47 and Mooney Road speed, Columbiana. Green marijuana (23.8 grams) was recovered.

– Violation of a domestic violence protection order in block 100 of Granliebe Drive, Montevallo.

-Assault on Block 3000 of Shelby County 30, Wilsonville.

-Incident of block 400 of Hodgens Road, Chelsea.

-Incident of block 100 of River Birch Road, Chelsea.

-Allow dogs to run free from the 400 block of Shelby County 8, Montevallo.

-Investigation into the death of the 300 block of Shelby Forest Drive, Chelsea.

-Caldwell Mill Road Block 5400 Incident, Birmingham.

-Caldwell Mill Road Block 54000 Incident, Birmingham.

-Incident of block 900 of Hebb Road, Wilsonville.

-Home violence-harassment from Longmeadow Mobile Home Park, Maylene.

-Unauthorized use of the vehicle from an unknown location.

-Block 200 incident from Eagle View Drive, Birmingham.

-McDow Road 200 block incident, Columbiana.

-Allow dogs to run free from the 500 block of Sontepe Road, Calera.