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Songs of the season | Bandemonium Brings Holiday Show to Shrine – Times-Standard


Bandemonium will present a live performance, in limited seats, of music from their CD “SANTAmonium”, as well as a collaboration with “A Christmas Carol” from Friends of the Arcata Library by Charles Dickens, on Thursday at 7 pm at the Sanctuary, 1301 J St. in Arcata.

“(It’s) a living look at alternate versions of the traditional holiday repertoire,” said Greg Moore, a sousaphone player who has worked with Bandemonium since its inception in 2006. He also wrote the sheet music for the Dickens part. from the program. .

Only 20 seats are available for the live show at the Sanctuary. Participants must have been vaccinated against COVID-19 or have undergone a negative PCR test within 48 hours of the show. Everyone must bring photo ID and wear a face mask. For reservations call 707-822-0898 or email [email protected] Reservations will be confirmed before the show.

Those who do not meet the 20 seat limit, or who cannot attend the show live, can watch the show virtually through the Sanctuary’s YouTube (@sanctuaryarcata) and Facebook (@sanctuaryarcata) channels.

Bandemonium was founded over 15 years ago and since then has been promoting an alternative voice in wind and percussion ensembles on the North Coast and providing music learning opportunities for the community, Moore said.

“Groups of wind and percussion instruments have been with us ever since the Turks first struck Ida to accompany their wars, and have blended into the traditions we know as ‘concert groups’. “,” Military groups “,” wind groups “,” city groups “, etc. Locally, the best example would be the Scotia Band or one of the high school or HSU harmony bands, ”Moore said.

“Bandemonium,” he added, “diverges from these in that everything we play is produced by the band – original arrangements and compositions and transcriptions of fanfare music from other cultures. Our performance aesthetic would also be a departure from tradition in that we devote ourselves to bringing the streets to life with music and activity. We also display a decided political bent in that we spend a lot of time. to dedicate our “joyous noise in the streets” to the causes of social justice. “

Over the years, Bandemonium has participated in women’s marches, science marches, and marches against gun violence. The group has also performed at CASA Kid Walk, Atalanta Victory Run / Walk and other events, as well as performances for Emma Center, Serenity Inn, Tri-County Independent Living, Humboldt AIDS Task. Force, Breast and GYN Health Project and other organizations.

“The need to project these valuable messages into the community has never been greater,” said Moore. “Bandemonium has been there for all of these events and more, drawing positive attention to the selfless work of these organizations. True to the tradition of alternative militant groups, Bandemonium exists as a show unit, educational opportunity, and social group in equal parts.

In 2018, Bandemonium recorded a vacation CD titled “SANTAmonium,” which has since been sold as a fundraiser for the Betty Kwan Chinn Homeless Foundation, the Blue Ox School, and the Ink People Center for the Arts, which Moore says is the parent organization of Bandemonium. .

This year’s CD sales will benefit Sanctuary, a non-profit center in Arcata dedicated to helping people create and experience art in the community. (https://sanctuaryarcata.org). Currently, Bandemonium is also using the Sanctuary space for its rehearsals.

“The shrine is truly a great community resource that deserves to be supported,” said Moore.

“SANTAmonium” is described as taking “traditional holiday music to unexpected places”. According to the advertisement for the CD, “’Good King Wenceslas’ becomes a punk rocker and ‘Angels We Have Heard On High’ is turned into a Balkan hit. “Silent Night” becomes anything but and “What Child is This” becomes both a Hanukkah tune and a lively jazz waltz. “

Bandemonium – whose members include beginners to pro-level players, as well as high school and college students – provides a pressure-free learning space for everyone.

“(Bandemonium) is always on the lookout for new players,” said Moore.

For more information on Bandemonium, visit https://www.inkpeople.org/dreammaker-data/bandemonium.