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Sonoma police arrest man robbing business after cutting video surveillance with bolt cutters



The night before Anthony Thomasson, 38, was arrested by Sonoma police for attempting to steal copper wire from a business in the 300 block of West Napa Street, he cut the store’s CCTV with wire cutters. bolts.

But not before the video showed Thomasson cutting the CCTV cable, giving police identification markers to make an arrest a night later, according to Sonoma Police Sgt. Scott McKinnon.

Sonoma police immediately identified and arrested Thomasson in connection with an attempted burglary at 2:26 a.m. Sunday, July 24, after receiving a call from the owner of the business, McKinnon said.

Thomasson admitted to attempting to steal copper wiring, and he was eventually arrested for petty theft, multiple warrants (including a felony), criminal vandalism and possession of a controlled substance, McKinnon said.

Sexual Battery

A 16-year-old girl reported an incident of sexual assault by a 17-year-old male partner to Sonoma police on Friday, July 22, according to McKinnon.

The couple were riding in the man’s car when they got in the back to kiss. The man pulled his pants down and forced oral copulation on the female victim for about 2 minutes, according to McKinnon.

The victim and her family are still considering criminal charges in the incident, McKinnon said. The case has been sent to the Domestic Violence and Sexual Assault Unit, but officials have not yet opened an investigation, McKinnon said.


Sonoma Valley High School’s athletic director contacted Sonoma police about a reported vandalism at the high school’s football newsroom on Thursday, July 21, according to McKinnon.

At some point in a 10 p.m. window, a suspect broke into the press room through an unsecured window and stole two microphones and a CD player. There was no evidence of forced entry, McKinnon said.

The school’s athletic director was unable to identify the make or model of the microphones and CD player, so police were unable to provide an estimate of the cost of the items stolen.

Police are currently reviewing video footage from the scene.

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