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Space is not enough for William Shatner as he brings back TekWar


Star Trek’s William Shatner Created TekWar And He Gets An Animated Series

TekWar is perhaps one of the nineties things we’ve ever thought of. Created by William Shatner of Star Trek, the franchise enjoyed moderate success in the ’90s. It was a book, then comics, a CD-ROM video game, and collectible cards.

Airing on USA Network, Sci-Fi Channell (currently SyFy) and in Canada, the franchise has actually taken off to a point. Four made-for-television films were made and were essentially dubbed “season one,” with a second season following 18 episodes.

Shatner was in the foreground and although he had a ghostwriter for the nine books that were published, it was his vision that came to life. It’s pretty hardcore in the ’90s, a dystopian future, with an emphasis on edgy looks and ideas.

This is quite frankly, among the most decade-specific designs that any decade-specific designs can have ever had.

And it comes back.

William Shatner’s TekWar Gets Animated Series Processing

According to Deadline, the series is brought back by Matt Michnovetz, who will develop and write the series, while it will be produced by Pure Imagination Studio, alongside Shatner Universe Shatner.

The series, however, may be too daring to succeed. The idea behind the series is to make it interactive. As Deadline writes;

TekWar is conceptualized as a mixed reality animated series where viewers will be able to participate in the show in various forms of technology via mobile, tablets or portable devices. The series can be viewed on its own, but the level of immersion in the series, its characters and its technology is enhanced by the ability to be part of the narrative.

It seems like a huge swing for a property that has not been around for nearly 30 years to build around such a concept. It would be hard enough for a more established franchise to succeed, but it’s clear that the show’s creators and producers are hoping for success as much as Black Mirror did for their interactive episode “Bandersnatch.”

It’s a great idea, and it arguably makes perfect sense to do it with a series like TekWar, ​​which is essentially the story of a cop falsely convicted of a crime of trafficking in a substance that is essentially the internet meets LSD meets virtual reality.

It’s a crazy idea. So why not try a wild concept?


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