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Spooky Kisses Haunts is now available on Prime Video in the US and UK


The show is expected to be the ultimate spooky entertainment for Halloween lovers everywhere.

PITTSFIELD, NEW HAMPSHIRE, USA, Nov. 9, 2022 /EINPresswire.com/ — The creators of Spooky Kisses Haunts are pleased to announce that Season 1, Episode 1 of the show is now available on Prime Video as part of of the Prime Video Direct content submission portal in the US and UK.

Spooky Kisses Haunts, a new docu-reality TV show produced by MadLab Entertainment Group, focuses on Halloween and offers unique insight into the fascinating world of haunted Halloween attractions, as well as behind-the-scenes interviews with the cast and staff. Spooky Kisses Haunts is shot in a unique documentary/news format with an on-camera host/comedian, aka “Spooky Kisses”.

Recently, the show’s creators, Husband and Wife Production Team, RJ Perry and Beverly Thomas, officially released Season 1, Episode 1, Haunted Overload, on Prime Video in the US and UK. Haunted Overload is a masterpiece haunted attraction and winner of ABC’s The Great Halloween Fright Night, located in Lee, New Hampshire. It is the brainchild of artist Eric Lowther and has become a unique and quirky “spooky” art woodland landscape and a worldwide pilgrimage for Halloween lovers seeking thrills and scares every year.

Spooky Kisses Haunts Director RJ Perry said, “It’s just amazing for us to have our first episode of the series available on Prime Video. It’s a real thrill, because just a year ago we were shooting demos with an iPhone. Although I had worked in television before and had extensive filming and editing experience, I had been away from the industry for a while. However, my ‘Spooky Kisses’ wife really pushed me to focus on this project, so I invested heavily in new cameras and necessary editing gear for the location shoot. It’s a very exciting time for us, and we owe a lot to the owners, cast and Haunt crew of the rides we filmed. They’re extremely supportive of what we’re trying to accomplish.”

The show’s host, “Spooky Kisses,” said, “I feel so lucky to be able to shine a light on the Haunt industry. These people work tirelessly and live for their craft. I enjoy meeting and interviewing the creepy actors the most – they are so much fun. We’re currently in the middle of a 26-day filming tour of 14 haunted Halloween attractions on the East Coast for the next set of shows and, I can tell you, I’m having the best time of my life doing it. “

For more information on Spooky Kisses Haunts, please visit https://spookykisseshaunts.com/.

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