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Steamed Hams Simpsons Meme turned into a graphic adventure game!


I have to admit that while the Simpsons “Steamed Hams” meme was certainly a popular fad for a while, given that I hadn’t seen it mentioned in a while, I had assumed that internet interest for him had largely died out. “How wrong was I?” Not only is ‘Steamed Hams’ back (and no, not in Pog form), but someone has gone the extra mile to make it a full-fledged gaming experience that you can download and play right now!

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Simpsons: Steamed Hams – A Survival Horror?…

Granted, calling it a game is a bit of a stretch. It’s actually closer to a graphic novel. Being created in the style of a classic Lucasarts title, however, the effort that goes into it is exceptionally impressive. Not only does it follow the story of Skinner ruining his ham trying to impress Super Steward Chalmers (and the decisions he makes to try and save the day), it replicates the retro pointer-gaming experience exceptionally well. to click ! – This includes:

  • A choice of vocal lines on or off (accessible in the ‘winsetup’ executable advanced menu) – While the audio dialogue is nice, the full fledged retro midi experience is just as great!
  • Voice lines have been slightly compressed (to reduce quality) and are delivered in a slightly jerky manner. It is exactly what the days of loading voice dialogue onto a CD-ROM looked like
  • You have all the interaction options synonymous with early point-and-click titles (open/pull/look, etc.)

Where can I try it?

Available to download and play now, if you want to check out “Steamed Hams”, click the link here! – If you know the clip, a playback shouldn’t take you more than 5 minutes. Seeing this in action only makes me wish this segment was a full episode and not just a short topic! – Yet for the team of ‘@neodement‘You officially won the internet today for me!

Oh, and if you want to try another Simpsons gaming meme, there’s always Lee Carvallo’s Putting Challenge! (Yes I am serious !)

And yes, the image below shows Pete playing on his arcade setup!) [that’s a secret project, well, it was! but I’ll allow it 😉 – Pete]

What do you think? – Let us know in the comments!

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