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Taylor Swift’s UK store is down as pre-order of signed Midnights CDs begins


Taylor Swift fans in the UK are a little annoyed that they can’t get their hands on the special edition Midnights signed CDs because the online store is down.

Taylor’s upcoming album has received plenty of attention, thanks to the singer’s Midnights Mayhem series on TikTok, where she revealed the names of the tracks it contains.

As the countdown to the release of the album began, fans were given the opportunity to pre-order the same from Taylor’s official US and UK stores. It is accompanied by a special edition of signed photos exclusive to each CD.

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Taylor Swift’s UK store is down

Several fans have taken to Twitter to complain about Taylor’s UK store website going down.

Landing on the page, you will come across the message: “The store is temporarily unavailable. Please check back later.”

HITC has reached out to the singer for comment, but we have yet to hear back as of this writing.

Meanwhile, disappointed fans are reacting to the temporary issue by sharing the tweets below.

A share: “Screaming, crying and throwing up that I can’t get into the UK Taylor Swift store.”

“Taylor Swift’s UK store being down when I try to get a CD signed is the worst way to start my week”, share another one.

A Tweeter read: “@umusicsupport please fix the Swift UK Taylor store it’s been down for at least 45 minutes now”

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Pre-order available on the US store

Taylor’s US store is fully functional and the pre-order option for signed Midnights CDs is available for a limited time.

Each CD comes with a hand-signed photo of the singer and they will be available until October 4 at 11:59 p.m. ET while supplies last. They are each sold for $19.99.

The CDs are named: Midnight: Moonstone, Midnight: Mahogany Edition, Midnights: Blood Moon Edition and Midnights: Jade Green Edition. And, Midnight: Moonstone Blue Edition is only available to international customers.

For more information, visit the official site here.

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Power trip | Official trailer | Hulu






The unveiled tracklist of Midnights

Taylor’s tenth studio album, Midnights, consists of thirteen tracks in total.

Through her TikTok series, the singer has already revealed the names of a few of them, with the album set for release on October 21.

In addition to the album itself, Target will release a Deluxe version called Lavender Version, which will include two mixes and a bonus track.

Tracks named so far include:

  • Track 2 – Brown
  • Track 3 – Anti-Hero
  • Track 6 – Midnight Rain
  • Track 7 – Any questions..?
  • Runway 8 – Vigilante S****
  • Track 13 – Brain

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