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The AVM CS 2.3 streaming receiver unveiled by Bluebird Music



Bluebird Music is the North American distributor of premium audio products around the world. One of their source companies is German AVM (Audio Video Manufakur). The latest AVM product made available for the United States and Canada through Bluebird Music is the CS 2.3 All-in-One Streaming Receiver.

The CS 2.3 comes with a lot of features and connectivity, as well as a built-in two-channel amplifier. All you need to complete your music listening setup is internet access, a turntable, and a good set of speakers.

The AVM CS 2.3 Feature Pack

Here’s what you get with the AVM CS 2.3

CD player: A TEAC slot-loading Pure CD player is included. To ensure quiet and smooth playback, the drive is isolated on the chassis to prevent vibration. The CD player is compatible with standard Redbook CD and CD-R discs.

Music streamer: AVM’s X-Stream Engine supports Spotify connection, Tide, Qobuz, UPnP, and Webradio sources. It is compatible with any high resolution music streaming format including DSD. According to AVM, via Bluebird music, CS 2.3 can be updated to be compatible with new digital formats. In addition to high-resolution digital audio, the CS 2.3 also supports Bluetooth 4.2 (AVRCP 1.5, AD2P) and Apple AirPlay 2.

Roon: The AVM CS 2.3 is Roon Ready, which is a great help in organizing your music library.

Digital inputs: In addition to accessing digital music from the Internet, optical digital and coaxial digital inputs are provided, as well as a USB port. CS 2.3 also includes a HDMI input with ARC support.

  • Point: When using HDMI-ARC, you need to set the audio output of the TV to PCM, Dolby and DTS signals are not compatible with CS 2.3.

DAC (digital to analog converter): All digital signals are processed by built-in oversampling DAC Saber ESS (processing chip model not specified).

Phono preamp: A built-in phono preamp is provided which adapts to both moving magnet and moving coil cartridges.

Analog audio: There are two RCA type analog audio inputs as well as a pre-out connection if you want to connect the CS 2.3 to an external amplifier or stereo / home theater receiver. There is also a 3.5mm headphone jack on the front panel.

Additional connectivity: Ethernet and Wi-Fi.

AVM CS 2.3 Rear Streaming Receiver

Multi-room audio: The CS 2.3 can be used with a whole house system, with AVM’s Multiroom and Party Sync functions (available through the RC X app described below).

Amplification: AVM indicates that the built-in two-channel amplifier can output up to 140 watts per channel (4 ohms). Tone and balance controls provide additional fine tuning.

Control: Front panel controls are provided, as well as access to AVM RC X App for iOS or Android. However, the complete RC 9 remote control which includes a color display is optional.

AVM CS 2.3 Streaming Receiver with Qobuz and TIDAL

Front panel display: Graphic display which is also dimmable.

To finish: The AVM CS 2.3 is available in silver or black.

Price: $ 6,295.00 (United States) – $ 7,495.00 (Canadian) – Available through the Bluebird Music dealer network

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Download User Guide (English PDF)

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