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The cast announced for LOVE’s Off-Broadway return ACTUALLY? THE UNAUTHORIZED MUSICAL PARODY



Right Angle Entertainment today announced the full cast for the off-Broadway comeback of Love Actually? The Unauthorized Musical Parody, a holiday season shipment of the iconic romantic comedy and Christmas movie Love Actually. The musical is written by Bob and Tobly McSmith, the creators of the hit hits The Office! A musical parody and friends! The musical parody, with music and orchestration by Basil Winterbottom. Performances begin in New York City on Wednesday, November 24 at the Jerry Orbach Theater at the Theater Center (1627 Broadway), with an opening night slated for Tuesday, November 30. The limited engagement is expected to continue through Sunday, January 2, 2022 Tickets, starting at $ 29, are now available and can be purchased by visiting Ticketmaster.com, calling 212-921-7862 or visiting the ticket office at Theater Center.

The New York cast of Love Actually? The unauthorized musical parody includes Kayla Catan (Keira Knightley and others), Isaiah Hein (Liam Neeson and others), James Parks (Colin Firth and others), Eric Peters (Hugh Grant and others), Joyah Spangler (Emma Thompson and others) , Tony Tillman (Peter and others), Thanos Skouteris (Swing) and Amber Wright (Swing).Love Actually’s creative team? The unauthorized musical parody features Bob and Tobly McSmith (book), Basil Winterbottom (music and orchestrations), Tim Drucker (director) and Brooke Engen (choreography), who all directed the 2019 world premiere. They are joined by Ethan Andersen (Music Director), Joshua Warner (Stage Designer), Dustin Cross (Costume Designer), Brandon Baruch (Lighting Designer), Matthew Fischer (Sound Designer), Conor Donnelly (Hair / Wig Designer), Dana Steingold (Associate Director) and Meg Halcovage (associate choreographer). The manager is Cassie Holzum. The cast is by Holly Buczek. “Love Actually is the perfect movie… to parody. Now more than ever, the holidays are here to remind us that love really is everywhere. This love pamphlet will remind you that love is in the air, and thanks to our Covid protocols, nothing else! ” said creators Bob and Tobly McSmith. Do you really like? The Unauthorized Musical Parody is a hilarious new musical that follows nine quirky and dubious couples looking for love across the pond, and even 16 years after the movie premiered, we still ask ourselves these questions. every Christmas – Does love … Fall in love with your secretary when you are prime minister? Do you fall for your secretary when you are married to Emma Thompson? Do you fall for the maid after your wife cheats on you? Do you fall for your best friend’s wife and present yourself with billboards? Whether you love Love Actually or love to hate Love Actually or have never seen Love Actually, you will love this musical! Get ready to meet goofy cuties, exaggerated big gestures, and lots and lots of love, in fact.The musical is also making its Chicago premiere this holiday season at the Apollo Theater. The Chicago cast includes Ann Delaney (Emma Thompson and others), Jake Elkins (Colin Firth and others), Ryan Foreman (Peter and others), Dan Plehal (Hugh Grant and others), Amanda Walker (Keira Knightley and others) and Christopher Wayland (Liam Neeson and others). Company liners are Daryn Alexus, Brie McClellan and Dylan Obrochta. Songs in this mishmash montage rom-com parody include:
“Messages of love, in fact”
“It is the Prime Minister (of the Roma-Coms)”
“Dark acts in dark corners”
“British Girls” – Colin, God of Sex
“Keira Knightley actually”
“A Joni Mitchell CD? (For Your Continuing Emotional Education)”
“Laura Linney’s Lament”
“The Language of Love” – ​​Colin Firth & Maid
“American Girls” – Colin, God of Sex
“The large number of 11 o’clock gestures”
“Love is in fact” For more information, visit www.LoveActuallyParody.com.



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