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The Witcher: Monster Slayer live review


The global success of 2016 Pokémon GO introduces something revolutionary to mobile gaming: a way for gamers to immerse themselves in fantastic worlds while engaging with those around them. Enter Spokko The Witcher: Monster Slayer, a game set in a fantasy world filled with monsters and magic, but anchored in the real world.

In a nutshell, Spokko – the mobile gaming arm of The Witcher 3 developer CD Projekt Red – created an AR mobile game that Witcher Fans will undoubtedly do their best to immerse themselves in it. It can be a fun and exciting experience that evokes the life of a monster hunter that Andrzej Sapkowski described in novels and CD Projekt Red brought to life through video games. However, gamers will find that the experience is constantly held back by a lack of certain features, a launch marred by technical glitches, and the same unbalanced monetization issues that often ruin the mobile gaming experience.

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Monster slayer starts players off with a bit of action – a fight against a ghoul that throws the player into the witcher final exam. This is where the game educates the player on the basics of combat: swipe fast or slow for quick and strong attacks respectively, hold to parry, and throw bombs and signs to help level the odds against especially beasts. vicious.


It’s pretty easy to learn. In fact, most of the game’s functions are easy to understand, which might explain why (in a sometimes annoying way) the game lacks instructions for many of the options that appear on the interface. How and when players earn skill points, how to acquire new weapons and armor, and even crafting are all aspects of the game that players will need to experience on their own, although those who are familiar with The Witcher 3: Wild HuntPerhaps the skill and talent trees will work together more easily.

Unfortunately, as soon as players have mastered the basics, it becomes evident how empty the game really is. There are a lot of monsters for those who want to walk or travel a bit, and most of them offer small items and some experience points. However, if this is the part you are looking for – as a witcher usually is – you might be disappointed. There are quests that offer a certain amount of coins, and the Nemeton trees that dot the map (which are accessible after you reach level 10) offer 50 if you can clear them of the monsters.

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Considering the fact that players have to spend 1,600 coins to get their hands on their first Silver Sword (which every witcher needs anyway), the relatively insignificant rewards from Quests and Nemetons might lead you to the conclusion that you are actually playing a witcher cut-rate. Especially since some of the first monster fights you will encounter as a low level witcher will be exceedingly difficult without money. Even a simple silver sword would have been sufficient.


As a result of Spokko’s decision to offer the mobile game for free, many players will find that without paying for an extra coin or without the benefit of the early bug, the gameplay looks absurdly difficult. Some monsters, like ghouls, are going to be easy, but without lots of bombs, heavy use of signs, and a perfect parry, alghouls can be extremely difficult – and the first Nemeton is going to seem nearly impossible.

The experience is somewhat different if you are one of the few who have benefited from Monster slayerlaunch bug. Many said their witcher started at the top level with 200 more items than their bags could carry. These players likely have access to the Kaer Morhen Steel Sword offered to those who downloaded the game early, which offers a slight increase in XP gains with every monster kill – an unnecessary trait, thanks to the bug.

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Speaking of unnecessary things, it is possible to add friends on the app. However, other than the ability to send freebies – which are limited to slightly random packs – there’s no point in adding friends. The player can see a friend’s current level, but skills, trophies or other stats, or any other form of interaction are not available.

There is certainly one more game worth it under all these flaws. The Witcher: Monster Slayer has a host of intriguing features that make for a hell of a witcher experience, even for those new to the franchise. It’s not just the AR feature, although it does add a bit of fun to every monster encounter if you choose to play with it. Battles using AR begin when players search the environment for monster tracks. It’s usually a matter of starting at your feet and either quickly discovering the trails that lead to the beast, or waiting for the beast to attack anyway.


If Spokko could develop these great elements further, it would dramatically improve the overall experience. Otherwise, AR fights play out like normal fights, but with a slight lag for some players. Be warned though that the feature doesn’t perform as well as it does at night, unless you’re playing in a very well-lit environment.

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The quests each have a fun storytelling with beautiful artwork, enthusiastic vocal work, and objectives that ensure players properly explore the neighborhood, assuming the game doesn’t take you onto private property or a dangerous location. Monsters are depicted in the same or phenomenally similar way to their Witcher 3 counterparts, and the game reacts to the time of day and weather, which is worth playing throughout the day if you intend to collect all 128 monster trophies.

More importantly, the game uses the same designs, soundtrack, and gameplay elements, among others, as CD’s hit game Projekt Red, which will tease fans with that same world and fun that gamers find in it. They can almost feel like Geralt of Rivia on the way. Almost.

While it is curious that some of these issues were encountered or fixed after trying the game in Russia, The Witcher: Monster Slayer still recently launched. It took games like Pokémon GO a certain amount of fixes and time to reach their current pleasant state. Maybe Spokko will tend to Monster slayerthe biggest problems – the leveling and monetization tactics – early enough. Witcher fans can either enjoy it for what it is now or wait for it to become a big game later. Because, given The Witcher: Monster Slayerpotential, there is a good chance that is the case.

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