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Top 10 Low-Code and No-Code Automation Platforms of 2022


by Disha Sinha

April 3, 2022

No-code automation platforms and low-code platforms are in high demand in 2022

Developers have started using several different no-code automation platforms as well as low-code automation platforms to build applications effectively and efficiently. These are collectively known as low/no-code automation platforms in the global technology market. The global low-code automation platform market size is expected to reach US$45.5 billion in 2025 with a CAGR of 28.1%. Meanwhile, the global no-code automation platform market size is expected to reach US$68.05 billion in 2028 with a CAGR of 24.2%. Thus, developers need to leverage multiple no-code automation platforms and low-code automation platforms to reap the benefits of customer engagement. Let’s explore some of the top ten popular low-code/no-code automation platforms in 2022 among the developer community.

Top 10 low-code and no-code automation platforms in 2022

Top five low-code automation platforms

Zoho Creator

Zoho Creator is one of the best low-code automation platforms to help developers design and develop enterprise software effectively and efficiently. One can create an app to run on different devices with drag and drop elements and over 550 pre-built integrations. It helps to update CRM, emails and conversational analysis in real time.


ACCELQ is a popular low-code automation platform offering an AI-based no-code test automation and management platform on the cloud. It provides next-gen test management for manual and automation with quality lifecycle management, end-to-end API and UI validation, and no-code automation in sprint .


GeneXus is one of the best low-code automation platforms offering a combination of low-code and artificial intelligence to help build and maintain applications automatically. He helps develop secure, omnichannel enterprise applications for major platforms and build new functionality around existing enterprise systems.


OutSystems transforms the way developers build software to build and deploy mission-critical applications with today’s business. It helps transform the customer experience while streamlining processes for developers. It offers new employee onboarding automation, an order management app, a home banking portal, and a self-service mobile app.


Retool offers a low-code automation platform for creating internal tools with a full set of powerful building blocks such as tables, drag-and-drop, lists, forms, maps and many more . it also makes it possible to efficiently connect to multiple databases with a REST or gRPC API.

The top five no-code automation platforms

Studio Katalon

Studio Katalon is one of the best no-code automation platform to increase productivity and facilitate scalability for automating web, API, mobile and desktop application testing. It offers a productive IDE to generate automated tests in one place for end-to-end testing.


Perfecto is a perfect no-code automation platform that developers can use to secure mobile and web testing in the cloud. It helps power intelligent automation, exceptional experiences, and high-speed testing. Developers can solve the toughest testing challenges with advanced technology and expertise.


Ranorex is a no-code automation platform focused on providing a comprehensive set of automation tools while managing the necessary costs. It helps in automating and executing tests with desktop testing, web testing, and mobile testing. Developers can support DevOps, CI or CD processes by integrating test automation with TestRail, Jira, etc.


Zapier is a popular no-code automation platform that transfers real-time data between web applications with automation. It helps onboard, automate, and innovate apps while integrating with apps like Slack, Google Sheets, and Facebook Lead Ads. It delivers 99.9% uptime to efficiently run business-critical workflows.


Landbot is one of the best no-code automation platform for developers to convert leads, capture data, and personalize customer processes in real time. It helps convert more traffic with automated conversations and higher conversion rates. Developers can use this no-code platform to use the drag-and-drop builder to build advanced conversation flows with no coding needed.

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