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Upcoming Help – To the Rescue of Yakima Law Enforcement



SAFETY is a key component of quality of life. Do you feel safe where you live and safe in your daily life? Many do not. And that doesn’t help – In Washington state and the Yakima Valley, law enforcement officials say they can’t do their jobs effectively due to limitations imposed by recent legislation. They want to protect us and serve us but it’s more difficult now.

Who can help them Help us

So who is going to the rescue to save our rescuers so they can continue to rescue us?

The white hats in this western belong to Washington Republicans who will prioritize policing, public safety, and corrections in a new “Safe Washington” package they plan to deliver on Wednesday 1-5-22 .

Republicans say the legislative package is substantial and aims to “undo some of the confusion and damage created by the reckless, ill-conceived and dangerous policies adopted by the majority party in Olympia in the last session.”

Approach to law and order

Yakima 14th District Representative Gina Mosbrucker is the highest ranking member of the House public safety committee and she will speak with other Republican leaders at the virtual press conference to release the plan called “Safe Washington: A Republican Plan to Increase Public Safety, Reduce Crime, and Put Victims First.”

The package includes House and Senate legislation aimed at:

  • The increase in violent gang and drug crimes;
  • The majority’s inadequate response to the Court’s decision in State vs. Blake;
  • Correct several flawed anti-police measures adopted by the majority during the last session and provide additional support to the police;
  • Steps to Put Victims and the Safety of Washington Communities First by Addressing Human Trafficking, Missing Indigenous People, Strengthening the DUI Crimes Law, and Addressing Domestic Violence and Assault sexual;
  • The increase in property crimes, including retail theft and catalytic converter; and
  • Reform the Department of Prison Services and reverse efforts to release criminals onto the streets.

Take the time to connect


When: Wednesday, January 5, 2022, 10:00 a.m. PT

Subject: Press conference on the Republican Safe Washington package

Register in advance for this webinar: https://leg-wa-gov.zoom.us/webinar/register/WN_ShuHhtDkQ2utONjUAYqMcQ

Good intentions will always have to go beyond the Democrats who drafted the problematic legislation in the first place. So keep your powder dry. The handcuffs are not yet removed.

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