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Uturn Audio turntable review


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I like to collect old records. I’m hipster, I’m vintage, I’m different – say what you will, but I love vinyl. There was, however, a certain quality lacking in my curated musical setup until recently. Frankly, it kinda sucks to have all the coolest records you can find at the flea market or a vintage store and not have a decent sound system to play them.

Until about a month ago I had my $50 Victrola record player for years. You know, the 1930s one with Vinyl, CD, Cassette, FM/AM, and Bluetooth capabilities, just like our grandparents had it (OK, minus the Bluetooth.) I actually bought the same one, twice . The first broke almost immediately and the second…well, it didn’t look like it was going to make it either.

I had a lot of issues with my standard low level record player, but I put up with them because I thought it would cost hundreds of dollars to upgrade my setup. After a while, however, its audio quality varied wildly from day to day and some of the most essential functions seemed to have worn out, two things that became increasingly difficult to ignore. Often, console turntables try to incorporate as many features as possible, resulting in lower priority vinyl sound quality.

U-Turn Orbit Basic turntable

After putting up with its “quirks” for what felt like a century, I knew it was time for me to update my setup. I wanted to build a quality system worthy of my impressive record collection, but it had to fit within my budget. It turns out you don’t have to sacrifice performance for affordability, and U-turn’s Orbit Basic turntable is living proof of that.

U-turn’s catalog of high-quality audio equipment offers a range of prices and capabilities. The Orbit Basic turntable that I use is a simple piece of equipment; it plugs in and spins your records. However, there is elegance in its simplicity. The spinning mechanism is designed to be quiet, using a wide band to spin the record, eliminating the squealing noises typically produced by low-end record players.

U-turn also offers stylishly patterned speakers with seamless connectivity to their turntables. The turntable upgrade is nothing without some new speakers. The Ethos Powered speakers come in a variety of stylish colors and can optionally come with Grill covers, which I think gives them a super cool retro look.

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