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New University Avenue record store is out of this world

By Tom Smith

Normally in the Vinyl Word I’d review a recently released record (sometimes a compact disc), but this month I’m writing about something that will not only have a big influence on future topics in this column, but something that will impact players’ vinyl buying options.

As Press Times readers know, I was employed for thirty-four years at the Exclusive Company in downtown Green Bay, a record store that sadly no longer exists due to the death of the owner.

The absence of the Exclusive Company left a big void in the retail music scene in Green Bay, not to mention that it made me unemployed and without a career.

Luckily for Green Bay and myself, outstanding Green Bay citizen Pierre Jacques (also a former employee of The Exclusive Company) is opening the Green Bay UFO Museum Gift Shop and Archives, located at 2248 University Ave.

This is the building where Guitar Cellar used to be, downstairs from Blue Gem Tattooing (which does high quality work).

The grand opening will take place from 11 a.m. to 11 p.m. on Wednesday, September 28.

As the name of the business suggests, this is a UFO museum gift shop that also has records.

Inferring from the company name that you will find UFO and sci-fi related gifts and other such items is a 100% correct assumption.

Items you’ll find include trading cards of all kinds, sci-fi magazines, mystery magazines, pulp sci-fi books, sci-fi and comic book action figures; other action figures from professional wrestling, sports entertainment, film and television, rock bands and, last but not least, Olympic athletes.

The inventory is supplemented with unique novelty items, toys, buttons, stickers, rubber chickens and t-shirts.

As for the record aspect of the store, new and used vinyl will be stocked.

They’re becoming a record store that gets all the limited exclusive vinyl that comes out on Record Store Day and Black Friday.

Many record stores across the country open early for Record Store Day, but the Green Bay UFO Museum Gift Shop and Archives will remain open later than regular business hours on Record Store Day.

There will be compact discs, but they will encourage customers to pre-order the new releases if they want them on CD.

The inventory will also include 45s, cassettes, vinyl care kits, cleaning solutions, headphones, record covers and occasionally mini-discs.

The store will have a VHS rental section – that’s not a typo – the store will have a VHS rental section curated by its owner, Pierre.

The store will host in-store performances from bands, solo artists and DJs.

I asked Jacques a few questions about his new business.

What do you like about the neighborhood so far?

Jacques: The dirt bike wheelie guys (in reference to a group of dirt bike enthusiasts who do wheelies almost daily in the parking lot of the University Square shopping center located in front of the Museum. To be honest, I love that too, c became my 5 o’clock Charlie). Also the taco truck that is in the far left corner of University Square, El Pastorcito (good food, I’ve eaten some myself).

If you could listen to records with any dead musician, who would it be?

Jacques: David Bowie

If you could listen to records with any alien, real or fictional, who would it be?

Jacques: David Bowie

Yes folks, I think I would love to work for Pierre Jacques at the Green Bay UFO Museum Gift Shop and Archives.

Live long and prosper.