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Warzone’ to merge the two battle royale modes


The Vanguard Royale and Battle Royale game modes in Call of Duty: Warzone are apparently being merged into the next game update.

war zone developer Raven Software said Charlie Intel that the change will go into effect when the Reloaded update launches for season two on March 23.

Raven Software explained that it doesn’t “want two different communities to play two different battle royales,” and added that Vanguard Royale is more of an experimental mode than the original battle royale, and that it’s “time to make the best of it.” part of the two and make a mode.

This means that tomorrow (March 23) Vanguard Royale should disappear from Call of Duty: Warzone, as Battle Royale will become the only option and all team sizes will be available. It’s currently unclear which Vanguard Royale features will make their way into the Battle Royale mode.

Call of Duty: Warzone. Credit: Raven Software

It looks like the base health will increase to 150 in the fusion war zone mode however, as Raven Software recently made a Twitter poll asking players if they’d rather have standard Battle Royale keep health at 100 or increase it to 150. Out of 75,541 votes, increasing health to 150 won 72.3%.

an official blog post yesterday (March 21) also revealed more changes to come war zone, and the whole Call of Duty landscape, with the Season 2 Reloaded update. Rebirth Island is being “rebuilt” as several points of interest are changed and a new one called Dock is added.

Three game modes will also be featured alongside the classic Rebirth modes, as Payload, Blood Money and a new Resurgence Solos mode will arrive in the game’s weekly playlists.

Raven Software is one of the developers of the Call of Duty franchise, and recently its quality assurance department unionized in an effort to improve its working conditions. This was met with denial from Activision Blizzard, which said “a union does nothing to help us produce world-class games.”

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